my boy david blaine

is going to suspend himself over the thames river in jolly olde england for 44 days in a glass box.

reuters is reporting that the new york street magician, best known for banging the likes of madonna and josie maran will attempt the stunt on september 5 of our lord 2003.

“We are all capable of infinitely more than we believe,” Reuters reported blaine of saying. he will have no means of communication, no food, and it will be his first major “illusion” outside of the usa.

there will be one plexiglass tube for water, and another for his urine, the article stated, adding that brit tv will telecast the event live.

what on earth could they do with a guy sitting in a box for 44 days?

make it interesting and that would be magic.

splink fucking rocks

heres my astrology for next week.

i dont know what it means.

Libra Horoscope for week of August 21, 2003

“You have to recognize the demons or else they’ll annoy you like mosquitoes,” poet James Broughton told interviewer Jack Foley. “But if you acknowledge their existence, if you say, ‘All right, here’s a cookie, go sit in the corner,’ then you can go about your work and you don’t have to go into depression because of it.” I suggest you follow Broughton’s advice, Libra. Neither ignore nor over-indulge those pesky voices in your head.

the only demons that i have are the ones that tell me that i dont f good, write well, or do my job as good as my coworkers.

the hottie from the other night wrote me a short little email the next day saying

you are very very good.

that should hopefully keep the demons at bay for a week, but you never know.

then the instapundit linked me the other day, something he doesnt do that often, and he linked the longest post ive written in a long time.

so his acknowledgement should f with my demons for a little while as well.

and then i got a good review a few weeks at work, so the xbi is covered.

therefore i dont know what mr. brezney is talking about.

i know my house is messy, but thats certainly not a demonic deal that i worry about.

very interesting.

maybe the astrology is telling me that i need to think about things that i have pushed so far down that i am in denial about them being demons in my life.


i do have some loose ends in the dream job department, but those things are pretty much out of my hands, therefore no need to worry about them.

clipper girl isnt talking to me, neither is her cousin, but cheerleaders are as tempermental as the stock market, so no need to worry about that.

and the cubs are the cubs. theyre doomed to fail.

maybe astrology is full of it.

maybe i need to find out who im going to see the muffs with this weekend.

maybe thats the worry i have smooshed down and forgotten about.

this is what happens when you write too much in one day.

go read doc searls who is on fire talking about his mom + or sk smith who’s just plain rad

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