people, it’s ok.

theres two full days left in the busblog auction to sponsor blogger pro for a year.

theres no reason to call your friends to bid for you.

and theres absolutely no reason to stand in line, east coasters, to use pay phones to have your friends bid on your behalf.

its just a simple sponsorship.

a link on a dumb blog.

a speck on the skid mark on the boxer shorts of the internet.

i just got a phone call from a sweet young woman calling from a Ben & Jerry’s on the lower east side of new york.

she says they are having a great sale there because theres a blackout happening today and Ben & Jerrys knows that their icecream is going to melt, so theyre practically giving the stuff away.

in between spoonfulls of chunky monkey she is asking if i could extend the auction until the power gets restored to the east coast.

i politely told her no.

sadly, the auction will end as scheduled, on saturday night.

so for all of you who are waiting until the last minute to get your bid in, you should probably bid now.

you never know what nuttiness will happen.

we are in mercury retrograde after all.

and the only guarantees in life are death, taxes

and a bunch of dumb shit here on the busblog.

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