the sad thing about being in hollywood during the biggest blackout in american history

is i just looked at it as good television.

sadly it wasnt that good of television.

today, the morning after, it has made for awesome blogfodder.

my pal amy has a wonderfully detailed description of her night in Park Slope which started with:

4:10 p.m. The subway stops. Air conditioning goes off.

4:13 p.m. �Attention passengers, we have lost power.�

4:15 p.m. �Attention passengers, we have lost power. We have lost power.�

Female passenger (to much laughter): �And�?�

she also linked to some really great pictures from the Gothamist.

im not quite sure LA would have handled the blackout with the class that it appears the east coast did.

here in LA we have problems when it rains for a few minutes.

and im sure the guys who sell generic batteries at the busstop would have tripled their prices if not quadrupled them.

anyhow, Text America has some interesting pictures here.

and i think this fellow Dean Land has a decent take too.

however, as in most national freaky deals like last night, there is rarely a better place to go to learn/gawk/read/write than Metafilter, which is consistantly good… especially on Fridays.

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