2003 busblog woman of the year runner-up

: mariah carey.

cuz she didnt go crazy again.

what label is mariah carey on again? well whoever shes with are wasting their money. that girl needs to get on tv.

shes not in the loop of cool. shes not on the radio. i dont see her on tv. i dont see the paparazzi all over her ass. and as far as i know shes not dating anyone famous.

whoever you are in charge of her success: wtf are you doing?

put aside anything you might think about her and start from what is:

shes hot.

she sings her ass off.

shes rich.

shes single.

right there she should be on mtv even a little bit. and yet i dont see her. why? evanescence is none of those and i hear and see her ass everywhere.

shes the best selling female artists of all time and her latest album charmbracelet debuted at #3 on the wings of one of her strongest songs in quite a while “through the rain”.

shes not the hasbeen.

not yet, at least.

the last single mariah released was a cover of def leppards “bringin’ on the heartache” another in a long line of 80s hits that shes covered over her career. it peaked at #26.

people want to buy mariah carey.

she might be a crazy bitch, but the crazy bitch can sing.

island records, def jam, which ever one of you is lucky enough to have her right now, find her some damn songs to sing.

every girl on the number one show on tv, american idol, would die to sing like mariah carey. and watch how some of them try.

and there she is, the real mariah carey and i havent seen her on tv in what seems like years.

beyonce should pay close attention

just like mariah should have paid attention to whitney.

if i was def jam i would have mariah come out with a billie holiday songbook

show a little class

win a few grammys since theyre practically giving them away nowadays.

and do it before whitney does

or worse


christina aguelera was the 2003 woman of the year

kate reports on 103.1 today in the LA Weekly! + welch rejoices as well + insideamind

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