dear clear channel radio

yeah, i know, i cant believe im writing you either.

you have a radio station out here in Los Angeles that makes me very happy. it’s called Independent 103.

and you own it.

you just played Madness “house of fun”, before that you played the Cure “pictures of you”, now youre playing The Smiths.

i heart you.

youve played the Ramones a few times today, the Clash, nirvahnah, temple of the dawg.

last night i caught you playing the Pixies.

you rock the polyphonic spree like crazy and the beasties and soundgarden and im down with that.

so yeah, im in.

and yes, i know youre the devil, but what can i do.

if you cant beat em, you sell out to em, isnt that how it works?


what id like to do is write a blog for you. whats a blog? it’s this. what would your blog look like? it would look sorta like this but it would be different.

what it would be would be the story of the radio station that waltzed into the city of angels playing x and rancid and planted the flag for the new alternative.

it would be the daily tale of the radio station that taught kroq that radiohead should get played more.

kroq right now is saying, whats this?

this is what you get.

you want to be independent, 103.1? then get yourself a blog. but better yet get yourself a blogger who will sit around in his board shorts drinking and writing while listening to your radio station.

maybe late night you’ll give me a little radio show where we will all talk about music with the kids.

but right now lets just focus on the blog.

you need one.

actually you dont need nothin. you dont have any djs and thats fine. who needs djs. you do need to lay off the pearl jam. youre playing betterman now which is ok, but how about pearl jam only three times a day. 20 times a day is not ok. k?

i will work for cheap.

i will interview the bands that you play and put it in the blog.

i will make fun of your competition.

i will link to your stream.

i will make you proud.

i will work from home.

hire me clear channel.





our girl kate wrote about this very same topic today in the LA Weekly!

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