as some of you know

theres been some disturbances in the hollywood metro area that the xbi may or may not have been involved in. so i havent had a chance to write and say hi.


and as we were breaking for a late lunch my buddy back at the home base patched me into my favorite channel E! who was doing a live breaking news thing telling the world that Ben and Jen have officially called it quits.

excuse me, fuck ben and jen

hes no actor hes a pretty boy east coast welch wanna-be masshole sally who is only getting some of the sweetest ass in film because of his girlfriend matt damon.

and she got dirty with puffy and eminem and that dancer dude and now this guy?

come.on j.lo


jennifer lopez has the world in the palm of her hand. she can sing she can dance she can act well enough to be an actor. shes hot. she can do it all.

she might even be bilingual.

she can do far better than benlo who goes to strip shows before his socalled wedding.

and he might be gay.

which theres nothing wrong with, but im just saying.

why is he gay? cuz he had j and he didnt say yes when he coulda. like hes gonna get anything better. like he deserves anything bettter. like he gets uptight that his woman has a bigger pair than he does.

i got two words for you bengay,


im glad they broke up.

i just hope it isnt a huge fakeout so they can go get married in bermuda when nobodys lookin.

mc brown is ready for his closeup + welch + eonline

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