blind man stuck his nose into the bus today.

hey what number is this bus he asked us through the side door. the out door. the middle of the bus door.

we told him it was the old 720.

he was blind so he was looking at us with his left ear, crazy bloodshot eye looking up into the sky.

he accepted the information and allowed his german shepard to enter the vehicle.

cuz he was blind the busdriver didnt say shit about him going in through the out door.

the dog lead his way through the standing people to the front of the bus and the guy followed him, looking up at the roof of the bus. everyone got out of the way nicely. things got real quiet too.

even though there were 50-60 people in the bus, it was the blind man and his dog that everyone cared about. it was very odd. i hadnt seen that many people pay attention to two passengers since two swedish girls got on the 20 santa monica with beach bags last summer looking radiant and exotic.

one guy goes to the man and says excuse me.

i was all, oh no.

cuz the guy looks like a freak.

he goes, hey can you tell me about the braile institute?

the blind guy says excuse please?

the weirdo goes the braile institute on vermont and melrose, yeah, why is there a big sign on it that says braile institute? everyone who wants to go there cant see it.

some people laughed. not laughed really but smiled.

blind guy was smiling the whole time.

dog wasnt smiling.

busdriver kept looking in the rearview, he wasnt smiling

and after me and this big guy threw the weirdo out the side door at the next stop he wasnt smiling either.

the dog didnt bark once during the whole fracas.

jbanks + janelle + lick will launch superbowl sunday during halftime

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