the good looking kids always end up with the belle of the ball.

cyberworld isnt any different. fuckrs.

that belch you heard was the gorillamask getting his pony for christmas.

life isnt fair.

from what i remember he chased her sister, but then switched up, wisely, when he researched the age of consent in oklahoma wasnt as liberal, dare i say Ridiculous, as it is in the evergreen state.

he rubs it in by proving he can woo her with lite beer.

i hate my life.

younger, taller, and has a better website.

my legitamite kids wont believe it, but there was a time when the hot chicks would fly around the world for my website-making ass.

they say programmers dont get any but they lie. programmers pull deeper than designers. deeper than engineers. and far deeper than the qa boys.

i shoulda been a programmer like my college advisor suggested.

i didnt know what she was trying to tell me.

have i told you life isnt fair?

why do the sweater wearing boys get the sorority girls?

why do the 21 year olds keep getting the 21 year olds?

when will the 110 year olds get some?

i can learn to drink lite beer.

i can get a haircut.

i can learn css.

google 2003 zeitgeist + chelle + yahoos top searches of 2003

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