people ask me all the time about love advice.

i find it tiresome. so heres how to do it now and i dont want to talk about it for another year.

there are three vital parts to Any relationship. sexual or otherwise. trust, honest communication, and the desire for the relationship to exist.

first, the desire. if one of you isnt really 100% into it, theres going to be major problems. people forget how important it is to start at the begining. but this is the beginning “do i want this?” if you dont its over. if youre unsure, its over.

next comes honest communication. its easy to be honest when things are going good. you know you have honest communication when during the rough parts youre able to say the hard things. like, fuck you ho. or this sucks whats going on… or i love you, get your ass over here. if you think you have honest communications count how many secrets youre keeping. if you have a bunch, youre not really comminicating. if one of them is that you used to be a man, then maybe you have issues with the last part

trust. this one is at times the easiest and the hardest. its the easiest when youre trusting 100%. its the hardest when youre trusting 99%. the general rule around the xbi, on duty at least, is trust should never be an issue. you should never have to think about it. it just is. you shouldnt have to think when you answer a question, you shouldnt have to think when you ask one. you just Know that the other person knows that what youre saying is important to the sanctity of the relationship: theres no deception up their sleeve, theres no digging going on, theres no evil. its just words that lead to honest communication that sustains the relationship that both parties want.

with that said, some general standbys are: long distance relationships are for people afraid of real commitment, definately dump your high school sweetheart when you go off to college, dating sisters and twins is only for experts, use a condom every single time, theres something to be said of astrology and of a girl who will go down on you when youre watching the lakers.

other than that youre on your own.

good luck suckers,


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