hi america.

and canaduh. and the rest of the free world. i know, f the free world. what movie was that from. i just saw it again this weekend and now im forgettting it. momento. i have the worst momento.

but you know what i remember? i remember deals. and i had a deal with some people and most of them have kept their sides of the bargain and some are in the process of keeping and when those are done then new bargains can be put in place. how hard is that? seriously?

one thing im not so crazy about this generation is that people dont want to live by their word. and they want to try to boss people around. and they fight dumb fights and they fight them dumb. me, i hardly fight. some loooove to fight. omg do they ever. some love fighting so much that they enter into things that arent even fights just so i will pay attention to them. well those people should just chill cuz im not gonna pay attention to them cuz i barely have time to pay attention to the nice people, why should i waste whatever time i do have on the dumb? riddle me that. f the free world. still i dont know what movie that is.

people call me on the phone. i barely have any time to talk. people chat with me on the chat. some nice people. i dont have any time for them. some email me. some i actually get. i do my best to email them back. i dont lack time because im some super cool stud boy. i lack time because i get pulled at from all sides. i cant even catch up. do you have any idea what people think i am? they think i am something that im not. but i try to live up to it and its rough. especially when i am trying to be a good person. and to be honest kids, sometimes being good means living by example and being the epitome. and sometimes being good means keeping people to their word and i never told anyone exactly When i was going to live up to my end of the bargain but i did imply it would happen before the first issue came out and that issue isnt out yet so im still good so those people need to chill. unless they want to be considered something negative.

i dont want to consider anyone someone negative. i want to believe that the only bad people in the world are bad people. i want to think that people who share similar interests etc can see things for what they are: dumb. and that life aint nothing but bitches and money, but some people are so fake sensitive that they wouldnt even let you get away with that and you know what i say to those people. you know what i say to those people. i say f the free world to those people.

i dont like it when people who used to like me and what i write and would tell people to read me suddenly overnight draw up campaigns to try to fuck my shit. i dont like it when hangers on hang on to the negative. i dont like it when people who cant even pee straight come into my house and piss all over the floor because theyre not getting what they want at that time. heres what i suggest to them, if theyre not just attention whores jealous and angry that ten times the people read my shit than read their shit, they should then chill. as in chilly chill as in shut it as in cut it out as in clam up as in ixnay on the bullshitay.

or they can keep it up and be painted as phonies who really just want the attention that they cant get on their own shit.

but heres something that the people wont tell them but i will because i am not the evil empire that they want to pretend that i am. i am here to tell them that they can get the attention on their own shit if theyd only write and write and write and write and write on their shit. and work at it. and quit whining all the time and quit acting like theyre acting. i didnt get what i have here by putting comments on peoples pages. i got what i got here by typing words on my page.

if you dont want to type words on your page, write for lick.

just like you said you would.

which is why your name and link is up there.

and you know it. and the movie is called eight mile.

meanwhile i heart fragrant and wish she wrote more + treacher

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