house of sand and fog

starring sir ben kingsley and jennifer connelly

dreamworks pictures

every once in a while its nice to see a real movie. one made by adults, for adults.

and once youre done with porn its nice to see a drama.

yesterday i took the 2 Sunset to the arclight theatres and paid my $11 at 4pm and saw the house of sand and fog, which is a slow, beautiful, delightful drama starring sksmith whose stage name is jennifer connelly.

sk acted wonderfully. sir ben acted incredibly. the woman who played sir bens wife was brilliant. it was all very believable and dramatic and the way movies should be.

two things made this movie great and i will tell you without ruining it for you.

the writing was airtight. by writing i dont mean delicious dialogue, i mean plot and storytelling. there arent any breathtakingly speeches, just normal conversations that happen in real life based around a swirling tale that could happen to anyone.

even you.

even me.

the plot, people. thats what movies should be about.

that and cinematography, and this film had the master of cinematography: Roger Deakins who did such good-looking films as o brother where art thou, a beautiful mind, the big lebowski, fargo, barton fink, sid and nancy, and the shawshank redemption.

afterwards i walked through hollywood in a great mood.

a wonderful mood.

thats what good movies are supposed to do for you.

in the greg vaine rating scale i give this a good good good good

jozjozjoz + sksmith + bitter tree

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