i dont mind being called a moron.

specially by dipshits.

a long time ago roget ebert said that the internet was the greatest invention that man ever created so that strangers could connect over long distances and tell each other that they suck.

what sucks about most of the people who leave anonymous negative comments to my posts about how riduculously transparent our fuehrer’s lies are is that they never



back up their whines with facts or admissions or halfway concessions or ideas or reasons or excuses or apologies or different takes on what i present.

they just roll off their sisters, fire up their aol, and tell me i suck.

well duh, i know i suck.

tell me something i dont know.

but that still doesnt mean that our president isnt completely full of shit and up to his eyeballs in lies, deception, and impeachable acts.

and it doesnt mean that rumsfield didnt look like a stuttering old man who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar this afternoon during his press conference.

what im asking for i dont believe is all that difficult, however the gutless will see it as a challenge and wont own up. but what im asking for is a dialogue of even the most simple sort.

kids could figure it out.

if someone says something that you disagree with, write out what parts you disagree with and give reasons why and then leave your name and an email address and/or homepage.

if you really believe what it is that youre writing in my comments, that is.

sam + tomdog + flingus

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