dear george soros,

i hear you want to throw money at this george bush problem.

all i suggest is you throw it in the right places.

in the picture to the left you see a pretty girl who spent some money on a nice outfit, tennis lessons, and a nice racquet.

sometimes its better to spend money on a prettier girl instead. or twenty prettier girls.

according to reuters you plan on spending $12.5 million to defeat president bush.

all i can say is, if i was you, a billionaire, seriously committed to removing a president who has lied about weapons of mass destruction, lied about taking a country to war, illegally detained hundreds of people for two years now, crippled a once vibrant economy, and is poised to be one of the most rotten scoundrels ever to be called the president of the united states,

i would think bligger.

what hes doing in the name of freedom

in the name of america

is disgusting.

plus hes a fucking moron.

whys there a fucking lying moron running my country blowing shit up and killing and imprisoning people in my name and making me pay for it?

but whats creepier is how many people dont mind him.

and what do we make of the alleged millions who support the little fuck?

well you go spend your money.

me, im gonna write on my blog.

count the times i have sex this year


and start a new online zine

entirely written by women

a place for female bloggers to write what they dont write on their blogs.





something to do other than nothing

what id rather do is receive a check from you, mr soros, for five million dollars. and id rather put together a staff of excellent writers and photographers and pay them the highest salaries that theyve ever had

to make the finest online political web magazine ever

called the bush report

for the sole purpose of making sure that the american people know the truth about who they’ll be voting for the next time theres a presidential election.

if i was a billionaire and i couldnt expose a dumbass like george fucktwit bush with my $12.5 million

and i actually had an extra $5 mil

to invest in the interent

which, like rock n roll

by the way,

isnt dead.

thank you.

well, if it was me,

id invest in something cheesy like the power of the truth

written like nails blasting out of a damn shotgun.

hell, fellow billionaire mark cuban

invested more than that this year on antoine walker

and all cuban wanted to do was beat the fucking lakers.

layne + welch + langfield + sullivan + minx

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