i have found my leader.

menounoshes crazy and he knows the names of states. i dont know what he stands for but the republicans seem to fear him and thats enough for me.

is he coked up? probably. should he be? of course. is it right to elect a president for pure entertainment? isnt that why we voted for arnold?

hot girl got on the web cam today while i was trying to observe mlks birthday.

she said she wanted to show me her bosom.

i told her that first i wanted to show her my loins.

my loins photograph large and impressive.

so i fired up the cam and she fired up hers and there we were naked on the internet again.

i want that she typed.

it typed that it wanted her too.

she said but my ass is so big and my tits are so little.

and i put the camera up to my head and i said but im going bald

and she put the camera up to her head and she said but i havent gotten my roots did in weeks.

and i put the camera up to my face and squooshed my head back into my neck and i said but what about my double chin

and she put the camera up her thighs and complained of cellulite

so i lifted my shirt and said look at my spare tire

and its hairy!

she said you dont even know how adorable you are do you

i said you dont know how much i need you and lust you do you and she said no

so i let it type some things and she smiled

then i said come, come here

and she said ok.

and then she told me about some boy at work that she likes

all while topless

with her hand down in the darkness

and a leg up on an empty keg

wearing a busblog trucker hat

completely obvlivious that i was madly in love

with the internet.

bella ella + the ward + gods lonely man

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