lets talk a minute about teamwork

lets talk about gifted fucks. lets talk about how kickass Lick is about to reveal itself as being.

superbowl sunday my friends. during halftime. you will see writing like you havent seen before on tonypierce.com, you will see graphics and design that blow this shit away. and you will see a classy style that takes sex drugs and rock to a new level.

and if i were to give the game ball out to one person Before the game even started i would have to give it to ms. raspil iverson of salt lake city utah who stepped up to the plate called her shot and not only hit the scoreboard but knocked the damn thing over.

then ran around the bases backwards like my man jimmy piersall.

she kicked so much ass that it is hard for me to take any credit whatsoever in Lick but i suppose if it wasnt for my idea and my vision and the fact that i attracted all these great writers to talk about some of their deepest darkest secrets it wouldnta happened.

but thats almost like giving christopher columbus credit for discovering amerikkka.

none of these writers needed to be discovered. and ms iverson definitely didnt need to be discoverd and if she did i will lose her to some big time website before the probowl kicks off, and thats fine with me.

i think you kids will like what you see at halftime on lickmagazine.com

and the cool part is…

it’s just the begining

prepare to see Lick updated once a week, prepare to see a daily updated group blog, prepare to see something that takes this medium to a new direction of revelation creativity and intrigue.

prepare to be impressed by the women of the web and their wonders.

ms. raspil iverson cheif director of style, lick magazine

mr. oswald undertone, president of hosting services, networking, and class

lick behind the scenes bloggy

papa jeffrey solomon, technical consultant, cheif sultan, diaper changer

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