my man welch asks me why i dont ignore the teens

who want to fight with me and i tell him i do. then when i do some say no fair why arent you fighting and others say no fair why are you ignoring and some say… and you know what f what some say. since when have i ever cared what people say? but i suppose i do care what certain some say, not other some, not that im trying to be cold and calous and mean, but whatever. whatever. WHATEVER. i want to be like anti. anti doesnt care. whats his word. pffft. they told him he was too dangerous for the xbi and they gave him back his knife and escorted him out of the building. i told them to take it easy on him that if he did anything funny i would shoot him my own damn self and they overheard me i think esp no i wouldnt, chill and followed us both to the garage.

this weekend is the nfl championship games. this weekend is when i install my dvd burner in my computer. this weekend is when i will catch up on my sleep and go through all the Lick mail and sort it all out.

superbowl sunday we will launch Lick during halftime on the Lick site.

superbowl sunday we will announce the busblog Man of the Year.

but thats not for a few more weeks.

i dont know why i find it necessary to have a bagel every morning but i do.

i dont know why i find it necessary to tell you everything that isnt true.

81. aaron

82. aj

the other day i signed up for XXX Netflicks and yesterday i got my first two dvds. it works exactly like Netflicks. i pay $15 for two dvds at a time and its interesting how my recordable standalone dvd recorder wont burn the copyprotected smut. and its interesting how only some of the porn is copyprotected. but whats most interesting is how bored i am with porn at this escalated age that i find myself in.

true life is better. usually. but movies can take us to a place where we dont usually find ourselves. but it seems to me that modern smut only wants to gross us out with their gaping orafices and messy faces and disgusting supporting actors. does anyone remember laughter?

in a perfect world an archangel will come down and whisper in my ear that its secretly ok to be the worlds greatest porno director and that i wont be shunned at the pearly gates that mars needs women but earth needs quality adult dvds.

its not that i want to live a life of excess on my mansion on the hill as snoop doggs nextdoor neighbro but if thats the way the cookie crumbles then crumble bitch, crumble.

meanwhile i guess im supposed to keep fighting crime that never stops and be there when a young girl wants to try out her christmas web cam?

one day i suppose that brown-haired girl will let me kick that football.

lets just hope the wind isnt too wicked and i get a block or two.

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