of the great things that happened last year

never did i expect to meet raymi. and yet i did.

often times i’ll meet someone who i admire and i’ll be let down or disappointed, which is why i dont try to seek out my heroes. over the years ive met rockers like the replacements, elvis costello, sonic youth, and tsar. i took my picture with hillary clinton when she campaigned for bill in 91, ive interviewed alan ginsberg and kim deal and black francis, i drove henry rollins around hollywood, and ive pumped the gas of lorraine newman adam ant don knotts and charles bronson.

but meeting raymi… shit. where was i?

deep down im terribly lazy. fellow libra andy warhol felt that he was lazy too. if raymi lived in la, i would get my lazy ass off this leather couch and get me a cable access tv show called bloggers and raymi would be my sidekick. why have there been no female sidekicks on talk shows? raymi could be and should be the first.

i love her. i do. i loved her before and i love her just as much now. she called me on new years and her name isnt really raymi but she knows i like to call her that so thats how she said hi. hi tony its raymi.

she has delusions of grandeur but theyre not so deluded. she should be famous. she should be a star. she is already. and she can write.

someone said something nice about me the other day. he listed all these people that i had turned him onto on the web and raymi was on that list. then someone else was talking about how women should write and they mentioned raymi. then someone else said what were my three favorite female bloggers and i said raymi and splinky and someone else and the person said does raymi still update and i said oh god yes.

it makes me mad that raymi isnt american.

it makes me sad that she doesnt live in la

it makes me happy everytime she writes

if i had a radio show on talk radio called bloggers raymi could call in from canaduh and teach us french swear words

since everyone up there speaks french.

raymi + anti + jaime + bob mould has a blog

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