one of the more interesting things about being african american

is that most of us dont know which part of africa our forefathers are from.

me, i’m hoping i am a descendant of the country of Ghana who have recently been known for their creative approaches to coffins (pictured).

you only get buried once, hopefully, and when my time comes i definitely want to get put in something other than a plain olde pine box.

when i was a kid i used to draw coffins. different coffins. the one i decided that i wanted was a big red one that had a white bow around it. as if it was a present to the good Lord, in hopes that he would accept me into the promised land.

i was an odd child.

i have seen Kiss introduce their coffins, and folks from new zealand design colorful caskets, but nothing matches the ingenuity and whimsy of my brethren from the mothaland.

karisa came over last night but before she did she called and said she was at the package store and asked me what sort of beer she wanted to bring over.

i told her it all depended on what we were gonna have for supper.

she said she was thinking about kfc.

after i told her that i loved her


i thought of the great good luck i had that such a good friend was coming to my house with a twelve pack of the high life and a bucket of extra crispy for my undeserving ass.

and this morning i realized that i want to be buried in a giant kfc bucket.

made by the hands of my brothers in ghana.

we watched re-runs of surreal life and talked about the super bowl.

it was magical.

she ate a ton of chicken

and somehow she keeps a very nice shape.

so ive been told.

i didnt look at her all night.

happy one year blog birthday BUNNIE!

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