the pirates of the caribbean


the curse of the black pearl

starring johnny depp and keira knightley

walt disney pictures

directed by gore verbinski

why didnt anyone tell me that this was a movie about a gay pirate?

the girl who brought this movie over today in flip flops and a sirrong because its 80 degrees told me that all of you have already seen this so im not giving anything away by talking about this, so i will talk about this.

remember in that scene where johnny depp is on that island with nothing but that hot chick and gallons of rum? remember when he puts his arm on her shoulder and she says that she hasnt dranken enough rum to get it on.

remember when the eyeliner wearing pirate with his long dangley earings and his pretty blouse and perfectly groomed moustasche says that he hadnt had enough rum to get it on with her too?


but its ok.

i dont even mind if all of the pirates of the black pearl were symbolic of survivors of aids, half alive half dead, taking life on and not raping when they pilage while waiting for the gold treasure + blood cure to remove their “curse”.

not only dont i mind it

i love it!

i especially love that the cure isnt the blood of the slinky young girl who doesnt like to wear dresses but prefers to crossdress in a british navy uniform, but its the blood of the slinky young boy who flounces around the smithery playing with his sword for three hours a day. every day.


my true love saw this movie and walked out because she said there was something fishy about it that just rubbed her the wrong way.

all i can say is i loved it. arrrrrrg.

i loved johnnys keith richards hunter s. thompson gay pirate

i loved thinking about a time when men didnt have to worry about their receeding hairlines because they wore pretty wigs

i loved the action and the special effects and the humor and the creativity.

on the greg vaine GBMRS? rating scale, i give this a good good good good.

dirty fez + welch + melting dolls

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