she said she wanted to do it on my couch

i wasnt so sure i wanted to do that since so many people who visit sit on the couch, so i put a blanket down. then i put another blanket down. then we did it.

difference about doing it in the living room as opposed to the dungeon or the master bedroom is the living room has hard wood floors and moans and squeals and screams bounce and echo and broadcast all over the property. it was ridiculously warm today, so the windows were open but not for long.

she doesnt like it when i take little breaks but with hot chicks like her you have to take a little break, doesnt matter if youre 110 or 18, its ok to get a breather in there, if only for ten or fifteen seconds to shut the french windows or pull the shades.

like most of them, this un was an exhibitionist. is an exhibitionist. she could hear the workers outside the windows gardening and she gave me shit for not wanting to let them eavesdrop.

give the help a thrill, she scolded and turned over and scooted over the armrest

i put the darkness on the cd player.

took a sip of rum right out of the bottle and looked at what just might have been the best ass in all of hollywood

and then i took a gulp out of that bottle, set it down,

and wondered if people remembered that i was going to


count each time i got some

coyote + gnomegirl + leah

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