this morning i started the new pete rose book

boobsit’s good. and it’s surprisingly funny. the busses were crazy today. packed as always. the busdriver had a little situation where he was talking to himself. he had a cell phone thing on but he wasnt on the damn cell phone. people come up to me and ask me questions. some even smile. i keep thinking, wait, me? i look like scum in the morning. today i had a green flannel, a five dollar Los Angeles trucker hat, black cords that were baggy and wrinkled, a daypack, bags under my eyes, crazy wild fro sticking out from under the hat and going every whichway.

is this the way to wilshire and normandie?

who? me?

living in hollywood without a car is not only not a big deal, but yesterday it was perfect.

i walked a few blocks to sunset and stood at the busstop for a minute. then i decided to walk west to the next stop. a little circulation couldnt hurt the wheels, i thought. got to the next stop and noticed that i was in front of a church. inside the church there was a room where a dozen or so interesting looking characters were talking to each other.

after further review it looked like people who had just gotten out of jail

thats right,

people who looked sorta like me.

i didnt stare. i looked at the crosses carved into the wood and i wished i had gotten my camera out of my true loves car the other day. then the bus came.

we rode down to vine and i got out at the archlight and walked across the street and went right into the theater.

no parking to deal with. no doors needing to be locked. no remembering of what level your $23k debt was sitting.

i paid the $11 for my movie ticket without a care in the world.

barely drank my $3.50 soda

walked across the street after the movie and browsed karisas favorite store in the world: borders books.

picked up a deeply discounted calander with the rose book, paid and walked up to hollywood blvd looking at the stars in the sidewalk like a tourist.

ah yes, tony bennet, frank sinatra… wait Frank Sinatra! i looked around the dark barren sad little stretch of sidewalk on Vine where the chairman of the board’s star sat and i kept moving. don knotts, cary grant, clark gable, michael landon

michael landon?

soon i was turning the corner on hollywood blvd and seeing that patrick swayze was going to be performing Chicago at the pantages for three weeks.

then i remembered that michael landon was on bonanza after all

decended into the subway and soon i was home.

today bob mould taught me that usa today has a blog! who knew they have had one for years! apparently im not hip.

hollywood walk of fame + amy + science blog

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