this was an interesting week in blogging

the insta punditgot blogads, the busblog flowed bob moulds blog more hits than usa today’s blog, and the new york times created their first blog.

the times dont call it a blog because they want to be all stuck up n shit, but sure enough they have joined the bandwagon so welcome aboard slackers. better late than never.

worked my ass off today and i was walking home from the subway and i thought about what it would be like to be a pro blogger. and all the way home i thought how it would probably suck cuz nobody would ever let you get away with calling the new york times or cbs or the president of the united states a fucking fuckhead and when all this is said and done, if you truly want to be a great writer

which i would hope a journalist would want to be

i would imagine that you would want to have a body of work to leave behind that people would be able to look at and say yeah and be impressed and want to tell their friends about

as opposed to a collection of middle of the road phil collins lyrics disguised as commentary and being presented as journalism.

i am a one hundred percent believer in Jesus Christ which means i believe we have one life and one death. why would i waste this short journey writing things in ways to please the lowest common denominator.

so many people worry about getting lots of hits and being more and more popular or making money or

forget it.

this blog lets me do everything i want.

yes my real job gets in the way from writing you but that might change

you know what a lot of guys do when they decide to quit the xbi?

they teach highschool.

this week also meant an end of, after 4 years mindy has retired one of my favorite blogs

thankfully she started a new site: voxura

buzzmachine + wonkette + morland

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