today is steph and lolas

jokeone year blog birthday. if it wasnt for their blog i would never have seen a picture of my future wife. hi future wife.

hi tony.

i dont need a lot to keep me happy. just everything. im watching the football playoffs. i hate pretty much everyone in the afc so youve gotta root for the black coach.

and i hate everyone in the nfc playoffs. so you gotta root for the black quarterback.

too bad they all cant lose.

the cheerleader wants to come over and make up with me. i think i was spoiled when i was younger. i dated a bunch of girls who could emmerse themselves with me and they were young and not overwhelmed with responsibilites and impressed with my mediocrity. and forgiving thanks to my youthful good looks.

i had a chance to get a two year extended warranty for my dvd burner which i shoulda gotten and i could get tonight but im lazy. its just money. im just a dummy. if i wasnt lazy id get flagrants tread mill and start working out so future wife wouldnt get squooshed when i collapsed on her after a strenuous session.

in a perfect world i would work for ronco and make george forman grill type things for him.

there needs to be a sit up machine called the six-pack maker.

xm radio needs to put a harddrive on their receivers so you could have tivo for your radio.

tivo needs to charge a dollar more per month to sportsfans who watch playoff football and who arent around to record the overtime session.

and double overtime session.

if i was smart i would go back at selling tvs, now that everyone is about to start buying plasma tvs in droves

and hd tvs

and plasma monitors for their computers.

and for their dvd players in their hummers.

if i was smart i would help open up a store that focused just on tvs and monitors for the home and auto. of course we’d sell directv setups and tivos and dvd recorders and 6.1 audio systems, but the focus would be on the “monitors” since they are going for thousands and thousands of dollars.

and since i know everything about selling tvs.

and installing them.

if, when howard stern begins to revolutionize satalite radio, he just gets his own channel, he should seriously consider rerunning his morning show in the evening for those of us who would like to listen to it after 7pm since most of his audience is either getting ready for work or at work during his 6a – 10a hours of broadcast.

i know i would listen.

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