most the time im a pretty affable chap

but youd be surpised how quickly i can become offended and get unbelievably furious. maybe you wouldnt be surprised.

i think im a good person. i think i do good things. i think i am a fun person to be with. and i also thought i had plans to spend the weekend with a cheerleader and here it is noon and i havent seen said cheerleader since dinner time.

this isnt the first time that ive had a date with someone and in the middle of it they bail out.

most of the time i am a lovable libra. easy to please. easy to love. easy going. rockin out on faith no mores easy.

but i am on the scorpio cusp. usually just a pinky toe. sometimes completely submerged up to my fro.

sometimes when i say to someone, hey lets spend the weekend together, that could be considered a step in the right direction. someone reaching out to someone. someone trying to do more than play the old booty call game.

youd think some would appreciate such gestures, and dare i say, risks, out into the darkness

i once dated a young girl who wanted to be my girlfriend and kept my distance because she was so young. but eventually my defenses began to whither and one night i invited her to a romantic evening and i told her it was a date and she knew it would be a date and well lets just say that she in the middle of the date left me to go somewhere else and didnt return until 4:19 in the morning.

havent talked to her since.

not that she doesnt call. does she call? its been many moons since ive called her and last night she called three times. i didnt answer. why would i answer. and how did the indians live without caller id.

im not a lonely man. im not a bored man. i know i could get a high paying job if i really wanted one. i know i could have a cool girlfriend if i wanted.

exactly how the tribune corporation could do what it took to get the cubs to the world series.

if they wanted.

some people, i guess, just want to be mediocre


maybe you shouldnt be surprised

about that either.

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