you know why i like girls?

cuz they seriously dont care what you look like. i love that. all they care about is your personality.

in a way theyre sorta like dogs. except dogs dont even care about your personality, the only things dogs care about is that you dont beat them and that you feed them.

republicans are even more loyal than dogs. republicans will stand by their man regardless of whether that man bankrupts their country, or lies about why he’s sending their sons and daughters to war.

im not that loyal.

if i was lied to by my president about pretty much anything other than getting a hummer in the office, I’d probably be pretty pissed off.

but to be lied to about why we’re going to war… especially if i was a veteran, or a parent of a soldier… or a proud american… that would make me wonder why the president isnt getting in any trouble.

i mean i remember back in school, if a person lied about something dumb like who they liked or something, that wasnt a big deal. but if someone lied about something that, i dont know, ended in hundreds and hundreds of american military men and women dying and the country going into billions of dollars in debt – even more debt than before… well, if someone had done that in school, theyd definitely be sent to the principals office.

but republicans are so loyal, more loyal than women and dogs, that they’re not only not demanding that bush gets sent to the office, but theyre completely ready to re-elect him.

i find that fascinating.

even more fascinating than a pretty little skinny woman marrying a man 5 times her size

who wears glasses

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