you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow

Infamous goat at Wrigley Field which cursed the Cubs to this day this opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo. i never dream but the other night i had several dreams. in one of them i was running with my old pal aj. in another i was flying around in chopper one for a very long time never really accomplishing anything interesting. in another one i was back in high school taking a test but i couldnt read the letters. in another i was driving a semi truck that had eggs in the cargo. but i didnt know how to work the gears even though somehow we had made it to the freeway. me being me and the eggs and a few chickens. why chickens? why dreams. she had short hair and a ride to the fair. we went there. we ate there. we walked around and thought about things outloud and drank beers out of cups. they had games of chance and dark corners and rickety rides. they had funny lights and left handed monkeys throwing peanut shells and donkeys. there were butter sculpters, men from mars, and drunken turtle races. we bet on #7 but it wasnt in the stars. then i had another dream. this one was in black and white. i was black she was white. her white legs shown in the black sky on top of the black garter on her white thigh.

one lonely beastie i be, all by myself without nobody. cept the little hottie in my baseball hat, shits getting long, shits getting phat. and yo dre, what you say, she says minnie mighty super tightie little thin but built to win, likes it when i lick her there took me to the county fair. she called the pizza man when i wasnt lookin and now theres cinnastix and buffalo wings and a roni pie extra cheese heading up the hill. my momma called. my best friend called. the nieghbors out tanning in this 70 degree january. i wish i could call my new thing Nary. but its registered. nary dot com nary not net nary dot org. all of em.

got the stones four flicks and theres one song in the hidden gems of disc three where my favorite band ac/dc plays a song with the best band of all the rolling stones and it was pretty weird and they were all real happy but you could see why angus and malcom dont jam with others really, cuz theyre really so much better than everyone else.

and ive been waiting all day for this girl to get on the aol instant messenger but im gonna have to live my life in a few minutes or two. what i’ll do is be on later tonight and maybe tomorrow too.

makeout city + the topic is secrets + georgy

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