this is me

pry it from the fingers

i hate life. i hate everything. hi.

a hot chick is gonna take me to do laundry with her, so thats cool. but if the earth opened up here in hollywood and sucked this godforsaken building down i would only be sorry for the people who discover chopper one because once they put it back together it will be a shock to them that mankind could create a machine so good while turning their backs on other machinery that could do things like, oh, say, feed starving people or find water in desert areas.

which they could, of course. if there was a way to make money off the poor.

instead they built this beast to keep the madding crowds in line and to steal from the rich and spy on the thieves.

the clouds are beautiful today. the sun in shining. the air is crisp. the girls are wearing cute little scarves and ugg boots. their flowers are wilting in their button holes their dreams havent been crushed yet like mine have, their boyfriends havent been found out yet and their daddys still pay for their miatas.

but one day they will look in the mirror and see what i just saw: the cold hard truth.

bitter bubbles the babbling brook of broken backs on which this “fair” city was born.

and fie on the fucks who stir its broth for the unsuspecting.

man walked into a bar last night as i was paying my tab and asked me if i had a few minutes to listen to his pitch and i said i have all the time in the world as long as he was talking about jesus

he said he had something better to talk about than the lord

i said youve got something better than everlasting life

he said you really want this to last forever

so i sat down and got the tab open again.

turned out he just wanted to have someone to talk to until the rain ended.

i made him pay for my baileys and i told the fuck to get a blog next time.

sk smith + i heart amy + rabbit

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