it’s nba allstar weekend here in la.

and everyone is celebrating magic johnsons contribution to the game.

all i have to say is motherfucker makes us forget that he has AIDS.

he looks better, sounds stronger, looks fatter than ever before.

he doesnt even look like hes aging, let alone dying.

magic johnson played every position in the finals as a rookie including center because kareem got hurt, and the lakers won the championship and now hes beating AIDS.


he has a half dozen movie theatres here in LA in the hood.

several starbucks as well.

bought fat burger, the best hamburger chain in LA.

and TGIF!

i wrote a letter to him when i was in college when it was discovered that he got HIV.

im glad they got a tv show together and had jessica simpson sing for him.

im glad they made an ugly statue of him to put infront of staples.

but they should put one in front of the forum too. a better one. a bigger one.

cuz thats where he kicked everybodys ass.

except for that time that mj kicked his ass.

i love you magic.

if i was the mayor, id name the ten the magic johnson freeway.

planet sara + kzug + dc thornton + tina

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