i dont know why i procrastinate at Lick.

im always so happy when an update is complete.

and raspil makes it so easy.

the writers usually ask me a few questions and then after a while they send me a story. i read it, sometimes i will do something minor to it, but rarely.

then i send it over to raspil and she lays it out and designs it and sends it back to me. i put it on the lick server, tweak it a tad, make a cover, adjust the table of contents and we’re done.

it’s not hard.

the hard part is finding the writers and thanks to the busblog, there are plenty of writers who want to join in.

this week there are eight new peices.

still for some reason i slack. and procrastinate. and not do shit because im slaggin on what is supposed to be a fun experience. im so retarded it’s… retarded.

this week’s lick cover girl is tiffany who surprised me with that picture tonight in a chat and it was perfect just the way it was and i was all please can i use that and she said yes and i was stoked.

tiffany and i have had a very interesting relationship over the last year.

usually it’s something along the lines of

i love you.

no, i love YOU.

and then nothing for a month or two.

i cant say i really know her but what ive read from her blogs and chats she seems exactly like the type of girl i would never approached in school. quiet girls freaked me out.

maybe they still do. maybe thats why i like her. maybe its nice to be freaked out when nothing freaks you out any more.

i like that picture cuz even though shes looking straight into the cam theres still stuff being covered up, stuff being stuffed away, secrets, silences, mysteries, questions.

tiffany is a college gurl but in that pic she looks so young but is that the hairstyle of a highschool girl? maybe. doubt it though. is she happy or sad? hot or cold.

hot is the answer.

lick is the answer.

this girl knows.

special thanks this week to tiffany and to raspil and to mr. os who switched this blog to a new server flawlessly.

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