dear cubs owners,

now they have alex rodriguez.

you wouldnt even go after ivan rodriguez yet they now have alex rodriguez.

how is our one sammy sosa gonna beat all of their sammy sosas?

please get some more sammy sosas.

start with greg maddux and quit being fucking pussy ass bitches about it.

i hate you tribune corp.

youre a whole fucking corp and you cant beat one george steibrenner.

youre proving that all a corp means is you cant get anything done and you have a bunch of white shirt wearing old people making six figures.

if i had a corp my corp would beat your corps ass.

id fire anyone who wore a suit and id pass out free fuck tribune corp tshirts.

if we played softball against you i doubt any of you fuckers could hit.

i bet your bats would all be light and your shoes would be new.

there you are in chicago, probably have lots of kids, kids who are cubfans and you come home every day in your car with passenger side airbags and you smile at them but what youre saying is daddys going to be able to send you to college because we’re not going to spend jack shit on the cubs.

your stupid fucking kids are going to college anyway.

get me some sammy sosas before the yanks realize they dont stand a chance to win this year.

happy birthday david + madpony has only 7 posts all year still they get more hits and more comments than me. wtf.

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