im making a cure mix cd for someone who has never really listened to the cure

robert smith how do you do something like that? not try to figure out what to put on there, thats easy, anything. but how do you go through life for thirty years and not really ever have the need to throw on a cure record.

the first cure song i ever heard was lets go to bed which made me want to play the bass. robert smiths voice interested me however because where i grew up you didnt really try to pull a queer eye for the straight guy act unless — well you just didnt do it.

and even though he was singing about a girl he sang it like he does. and femme in chicago at the time wasnt all that cool. neither were the synths or hand claps. but oddly enough it was queens another one bites the dust that allowed for the cure to be accepted. that tune was a huge number one hit and it had a similar bass dominance and femmie singer.

still, the song ruled and everyone looked the other way.

i know i know, weird, but thats how times were back then. you had to worry about everything. i think thats one of the reasons billy corgan is all messed up. why didnt he just put out more zwan records. whats the difference? the bass player wasnt hot enough? she was amazing.

by now he woulda come out with 4-5 pumpkins records and at least two of em woulda been mindblowing.

next up is fascination street. bass pushed back a little. this single first came out on a soundtrack. i cant remember which. i was working at the college radio station at the time. but it was the practice station. it was AM only. and only if you lived on campus. then it went cable, which meant you had to plug the cable into your ass and have someone put a fork in your mouth.

i played that song and a dinosaur jr song and i said anyone listening to this show certainly doesnt deserve this music and truly needs to reevaluate why you have a coax cable up your ass so you can listen to cable college radio when youre about two feet from the pacific ocean and about 5 feet from the most gorgeous coeds this side of maui. this is the new one from the cure on 88.9 FM the juice, uc santa barbara’s kjuc.

the debate about which version of close to me is one id rather not enter. purists are rarely pure. and who wants someone pure making your mixed cds? if i made porns i would use this song. if i made porns i wouldnt ask for rights. rights fuck shit up. is the cure really gonna license close to me to a xxx porno about a lonely bullfighter who only became a bullfighter because he believed you couldnt beat the uniform. he liked bulls too much to fight em and he liked the clothes too much to be a bus driver. everyone told him that you can be a hot lookin bus driver but he insisted that the bus company had their own uniform and nowhere did it include a cape.

six different ways makes you believe that anythings possible in life. fuckers carefree as a little girl on a mountain of pink cotton candy heading over to the blue hill over yonder. if i was in a punk band id speed through this one in about twenty seconds as an encore and rip the bra cup from the bass player and reveal his sunshiney nipple ring.

at some point the dance partys gotta start so its why cant i be you. best use of horns since tsars startime and before that the doors touch me. the doors were on elektra like the cure and i suppose that means the next song should be the cure covering the doors on that elektra records anniversary cd rubyiat where they did a pretty damn good version of hello, i love you.

but no. next comes lovecats. if i had a gay porn id put this in there but im not into gay porn. this is another in the long line of perfect walks around the bass. its pretty much an education. its a sideshow on its own. it wouldnt take over the whole song if it wasnt for those weird bottles and other assorted bizzaro sounds going on.

love song is next. dance partys over. if i pitched baseballs at night against a barn in ohio id want this on the boombox on the tractor seat as the sun set and the gnats swarmed and the corn stalks bent away from the wind. it rained tonight in hell-ay. if i was driving listening to juice newton id dig around the 8 track bag for something that had this song on it. if i died and became a fisher price xylophone playing ghost id haunt your funky ass with this one.

when people talk about 80s music they seriously need to include jumping someone elses train. modern english drumbeats, little splash cymbals, uh-GAIN and uh-GAIN and uh-GAIN and uh-GAIN and somehow these lyrics were deep in the 80s, maybe it was just the fade out.

shit, im depressed now.

memories suck.

lick got 2,000 hits today.

it was a fluke.

im listening to the darkness now. fuck the cure.

three lick girls:

sage + ashly brooke + tina

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