hi people from the internet searching for

“janet jackson superbowl pictures”.

my name is tony.

i have so many nude janet jackson superbowl pictures.

but i really dont know how i ended up being #5 in the search results of “janet jackson superbowl pictures“.

i also have the superbowl streaker guy though (pictured).

oh wait. i do have janet superbowl pictures.

how did that happen.

hey people of the Internet, look, i have them i have them!

doesnt the whole internet have them by now?

they should.

and weren’t you all watching the game and the halftime?

wasnt it one of the most watched superbowls of all time?

and arent the superbowls the most watched tv programmes of the year?

i dont understand.

lord knows i want to understand, but i dont.

life confuses me.

feel free to explain it to me beyond that 42 business cuz i never got that either

click the janet pics if you want something totally better than this page, written by women anonymously and designed by a hot babe herself.

much love.


the g mask has it all + chokey chicken wrote justin + sara k smith lives in texas and needs to write for lick

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