black folk can get away with anything.

we have to keep reminding ourselves of that. bo jackson and michael jordan, michael jackson and oj. the fact that p diddy even has made one dollar is incredible but he was allowed to change his name several dozen times, do well in fashion, producing, creating television, and having the gayest manservant alive (pictured) while still not seeming gay is fascinating. magic got away with having aids. 50 got away with not even knowing how to rap, bobby mcfarren got away with a grammy, but i guess so did rob and fab. arsenio almost got away with it. gary coleman and emmanuelle lewis got away with it as kids, not so much now.

downtown julie brown is getting away with having that fake british accent. colin powell is getting away with it, as is condi rice – claiming to be republican, that is. jc watts somehow pulled it off despite being named jc watts.

i have no idea how charlie pride got away with it.

and heres oprah getting away with it.

please explain to me again how one person can be the richest most powerful woman on tv when she has one show. dont say its cuz she owns the oxygen channel because nobody watches the damn oxygen channel, nor reads her magazine, or watches dr. phil.

no way can she be that powerful or that rich.

no way.

and shes getting away with being fat.

and shes getting away with not having any damn kids.

and shes getting away with not getting married to steadman.

while being able to tell america what tossing a salad is on national tv when Only kids are watching

pretty much.

does she get fined by the fcc?

haiiiiiiiiiiillllllll no.

fool you musta lost your mind. oprah? oprah winfrey?

wigga please.

prince gets away with it. tyson gets away with it. mariah whitney r kelly get away with it cuz blacks can do anything.

snoop dogg smoked dope made porn rapped about pimping his hoes and being in a gang and even when murder was the case he slipped between their hands and looked smoooove on the way out.

ice cube has said fuck the police, the fbi, and amerikkka and got away with it.

kobes gonna get away with it, cheating that is. tiger woods is getting away with nailing that blonde model chick. and michael powell is getting away with not fining oprah.

and i think thats a good thing.

cuz sometimes those light skinned brothas wont give a sista a break.

i got a break during today’s fantasy draft:

M. Piazza (NYM – C)

J. Kendall (Pit – C)

F. Thomas (CWS – 1B)

E. Young (Tex – 2B)

M. Lowell (Fla – 3B)

D. Jeter (NYY – SS)

C. Floyd (NYM – LF)

S. Podsednik (Mil – CF)

S. Sosa (ChC – RF)

L. Walker (Col – RF)

�. S�nchez (Det – CF)

B. Roberts (Bal – 2B)

B. Col�n (Ana – SP)

D. Lowe (Bos – SP)

D. Willis (Fla – SP)

T. Glavine (NYM – SP)

C. Pavano (Fla – SP)

J. Julio (Bal – RP)

J. Mesa (Pit – RP)

M. MacDougal (KC – RP)

C. Pavano (Fla – SP)

B. Koch (CWS – RP)

happy bday artlung + dc + tiffany

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