i think the real reason why im procrastinating on lick

is cuz i dont have a good cover concept. i love the stories, theyre great. i love what raspil has done but i dont have a great picture for the cover yet and even though i have until the end of the month for it i dont want to give people the wrong idea.

i do love this picture of tiffany and anti at tiffanys twentieth birthday party but is that really a cover?

i appreciate all the ladies who have been patient with me as i go through this struggle.

one of my favorite magazines, the beastie boys’ Grand Royal was like this.

they wouldnt come out for months, but when it did it was well worth the wait.

i got all six of their issues on ebay last year for thirty bucks.

one reason that i put the Lick blog up there was so people could write on there while the issue was getting put together.

im not exactly sure that people understand the blog and the zine and the differences.

thats fine.

people dont understand a lot of things.

thats why millions and millions and millions of people will actually vote for george bush in a few months.

and millions.

smart people even.

people who go through their lives not fucking up at all.

edjumacated people.

successful at business, career, and family.

people who dont buy unreasonably priced goods and services but will hire a guy who spends frivously and doesnt have a plan to get any money coming in.

people who are super against tax-and-spend but are somehow cool with dont-tax-and-spend.

maybe theyre just waiting on a good picture to inspire them before they get their heads out of their asses too.

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