month of pisces can kiss my ass.

my maid had a pot of pasta waiting for me when i got home. pretty nice of her since i have used her for a month. i only got her because this one chick said shed come over more if my house was cleaner. i do dumb things for girls. i wouldnt have a cell phone if it wasnt for one girl. i wouldnta stopped dating for a while there if it wasnt for anothern. and a third some say was the reason behind my bald new look.

problem im having with one of em is, you know what, never mind. everyone loves me. my maid made me supper.

i think she probably saw that i left a box of noodles out.

then i think she probably saw a nice jar of organic tomato sauce a hippy chick gave me for christmas that i never ate.

then while she was cleaning out the fridge, emptying the diet dr peppers from the 12 pack and into the bottom shelf she spied some hot dogs that were itching to spoil next to a green pepper and a red pepper long forgotten but hanging in there.

and that sweet woman

whom i have never met

mixed it all together and hopefully ate a bowl herself and left me with this awesome pot of surprising love.

i know a lot of people have suspected, but no i have never taken steroids.

no, i wont piss in a cup, i want you to believe me when you ask me personal questions, but no, i never did.

i dont care that bonds did and sheff and giambi did, but i didnt.

i blog three times a day, get in fights with dcupped angels over launching websites, and i write while im falling asleep because i love to. not because of roids.

ive told you before

fuck barry bonds.

the other meesh + houseplant + james

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