speaking of the sanctity of golf

it still hasnt sunk in to me that the best golfer in the world, maybe ever, is Black.

im not sure if im happy or sad that Tiger isnt an attention whore.

seems to me, the best golfer of all time should be getting a little more hype.

why isnt he doing any more those one-on-one golf matches under the lights in palm springs? why isnt he on letterman more often? why doesnt he have a book out? dvds? a cologne? a line of hair care products.

a how-to book on getting a swedish model to fall for you?

the richest man in the world, the sultan of dubai lets this guy take tee shots off his helipad (pictured). why is it that you’re finding out about this on a blog?

Tiger’s PR people need to get axed.

my man had 19 starts last year. he placed in the top 10 in those tournaments 11 times.

of those 11 top-ten finishes he was in the top five 10 times.

thats sick.

of those 10 top-five finishes last year he won the whole damn thing 5 times.

so whats a brotha got to do to get a little love up in here?

if i was tiger’s people i would have a chocolatey protein “Tiger Bar” and a line of golf clubs called the Tiger Tail featuring a collection of drivers called Tiger’s Woods.

and i would make yellow and black toothpaste for kids, and chewable vitamins.

and i would have him get on tv more.

like guest hosting Soul Train n shit.

dan the goose + moxie + steph

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