theres good news and bad news to getting a lot of hits.

the good news is everyone chips in a few bucks and you get rich.

the bad news is you have a much higher probability of having idiots run willy nilly through your comments leaving dumbass messages for you.

this is especially the case if you like to talk about religion politics or howard stern.

jeff jarvis gets ten times the hits that i do, and he’s has been chronicling the howard stern vs the fcc saga so closely over the last few months that he has been calling his summaries The Daily Stern.

whats interesting to me after reading his take on the drama and his readers’ responses is that i have never seen an issue where so many bright thinking flag wavers were so easilly to sell out the rights of another american simply because they didnt agree with his radio talk show in which he says penis or vagina when he’s talking about penises and vaginas.

i can understand why the college kids stoners and strippers who dial my shit up wouldnt have a clear understanding of constitutional law and corporate politics and therefore wouldnt be interested in this fascinating moment in time when the self proclaimed king of all media is facing off against the fcc for the first time in ten years, an election year, in the wake of nipple gate and a conservative extremist president who like his father continues to make bad desicions as slouches towards his inevitable political doom.

but jarvis’s readers are supposed to know better.

one particular commentor goes by the name of Trump.

today Trump said something so stupid that i just had to comment.

but first let’s hear from him

So this morning, Stern:

-Compared religious people to the taliban (something Jeff also does)

-Said Bush was as bad as Hamas

-Compared Bush and the Republicans to Nazis.

-Said Bush knew about 9/11 but failed to stop it

-Said the war was all for Halliburton

-Said Kerry “volunteered” for Vietnam, in spite of his attempts to get a deferral

-In the howler of the day, he said Kerry had “one of the strongest voting records on defense he’s ever seen”

-Mentioned that Bush “lied” about WMD

-Said the Iraq war was going horribly

Sorry, defending free speech is one thing, defending rank willful ignorance is another. I refuse to do it. He has a right to his ignorance, but NOT ON MY PUBLIC AIRWAVES. His dubious right to free speech on regulated airwaves is as dust in the wind compared to the damage he’s doing to this country right now. I’ll make a deal here- lets have this clown’s “rights” be violated. I’ll join you in protesting when it happens to the next guy. I refuse to defend the ignorant, or worse, the willfully lying.

Posted by Trump at March 23, 2004 12:25 PM

to which i replied:

so trump,

when your boy rush calls feminists “feminazis” you’re cool with that

but when howard stern reminds us that the nazis were the type to kick people off the radio because of their politcal beliefs you get your panties in a bunch?


the framers didnt reserve the right to free speech so the straight laced simple minded kool aid drinkers could smile and nod, they did it to protect those who needed to be protected: the fringe

the ones who call women nazis because they disagree with rich white old men.

i dont know if youve counted, but for every bush-baiting independent who has the gall to say things like the invasion in iraq isnt going well, theres 20 pasty right wing comb-overs like you with a radio show or a tv show or a corporation or a media conglomorate to say differently.

the anger you have about stern though is he

dare i say


all of you self righteous self serving ignorant frat boys

while showing how simple it really is.

and i cant wait to hear howard the morning after the election this november clear his throat and say

george w bush

you friggin idiot

youre fired.

the stern machine + today’s tiffany‘s 20th birthday + when did mcmanus become a damned genius

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