courtney love

wiltern theatre, los angeles


it should first be mentioned that i love courtney love.

i want my rock stars to be drug addicts. i want them to get naked.

i like them sloppy and passionate and dangerous and intense.

i like it when they take themselves too seriously and back it up with powerful music and fascinating performances.

and i especially like it when theyre crazy.

you can have pearl jam, i’ll keep courtney.

the best part of grunge to me were the riot grrls: bikini kill, babes in toyland, 7 year bitch, L7, the muffs, and once kurdt started writing songs for them hole.

i love courtney love so much that after her july 23, 2004 show was canceled due to her legal issues, ticketmaster said i could hold on to them and use them when it gets rescheduled or get my money back.

well i still have those tickets cuz im going when it happens.

say what you want about her but shes a rock star and i pay money to see rock stars, especially when their worlds are falling apart around them.

just this week she was ordered to stand trial for allegedly throwing a bottle at some chick she found at her ex-boyfriends house, chasing her around the house with a flashlight, throwing a lit candle at her and pinching her breasts.

and shes allegedly broke.

none of that drama stopped her from going on a five stop mini tour which ended last night in koreatown halloween eve.

it should also be mentioned that i was dressed in red pants a red shirt and a wig as jack white and my date for the evening was dressed as a sexy vampire

who swore she was wearing undergarments

but i sure couldnt feel none.

and even though i looked retarded, people said very nice things and took pictures of us.

because we were late i couldnt get any full body shots of us but you sorta get the idea below i hope.

juliette lewis ripped off her public enemy tshirt during her third tune and writhed around on the oriental rug and shook out whatever demons could still be haunting that wild little girl as her band kicked out the jams.

she was janis and pj and iggy and mick

rolled up in a skinny little nimble porn star actress chick who either has so many issues or none left cuz she just fucking lets loose.

courtney appeared around 11:30p, flowers everywhere, pretty dress, ballerina shoes, gracious, mellow, smiling, geniunely happy. shit.

the wiltern was not sold out. her record americas sweetheart had been her worst selling record ever. she’s obviously been gaining weight.

but there she was smiling at everyone. so happy.


But Julian I’m A little Bit Older Than You

Asking For It


All The Drugs

Reasons To Be Beautiful


I’ll Do Anything

Miss World


Codiene (Buffy Saint Marie Cover)

Sunset Strip

House Of the Rising Sun

Northern Star

Celebrity Skin

she didnt hit all the high notes on all the songs, she didnt play any guitar, but when she went for some of the more powerful screams she nailed em and it was really nice.

and i have to say the songs that her husband wrote were particularily moving and rich and memorable.

heres what dave navarro said about the show:

October 31, 2004

The Morning After Love

Last night we went to see Courtney play at the Wiltern. This girl has really gotten it together. What a star. Energy, presence and light like never before. The show was brilliant and with the all girl line up, they really give the men in this game a run for their money. She has really become one of my favorite people in the world. Sweet, endearing and a true pleasure to be around… even more captivating than the old self-destructive artist be grew to love. I am really happy to see her talent take the front seat away from some of the headlines she has endured over the past few months.

it was a very sweet, very feminine night, the sights and sounds of the wiltern were intoxicating.

photo by dallas from + which also has three vids from the show + the comedian

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