saturdays are rough

cuz i really should rest my precious paws.

wouldnt want those who wish me increased carpal tunnel to get their twisted dreams realized.

because of that i will reprint a few reasons jim treacher will vote for kerry (or nader?) on tuesday

10 Reasons I’m Not Voting for You, Mr. George W. Bush

10. Do you really think it’s a good idea to be Hitler, George? Hitler killed millions of people and his approval ratings are for shit. Why can’t you be somebody who people like? Regis, maybe, or the Prophet Mohammed. Anybody but Hitler! Being Hitler = BAD IDEA.

9. Two words: You. Are. Dumb.

8. When Karl Rove used the remote-control device implanted in your upper back to force you to murder Iraqi babies and American soldiers for oil and/or no reason because Saddam was mean to your dad, plus what about the WMDs you lost after you lied about them even being there in the first place, and then Rove tried to make everybody think your Thanksgiving turkey wasn’t plastic by planting fake documents about your military service and forcing Dan Rather to say “Sorry, I guess” on national TV, did you really think we wouldn’t figure it out?

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jim got a bunch of good responses in the comments including this from rich of sandesk:

Dear Jim:

I respond, point by point, thusly:

10. Bush is not like Hitler. The German people elected Hitler. We all know Bush was not elected. The German People LOVED Hitler. The German people HATE GW. Therefore GWB is NOT like Hitler, and on this point your argument fails.

9. He may be dumb, but he’s really, really cute. AND, I happen to like the way he pronounces “nukeelar”. You lose this point, too.

8. It wasn’t Rove, it was Cheney, dummy! After losing the first part of this one, you don’t get any points for the rest of the point in question either. Three down.

ken layne + matt welch + f 9/11 free for the taking + doc searls links a larger list of online vids

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