do you know i have the best readers?

i do.

did you know that the busblog got more hits and visitors last month than ever before?


infact january of 2004 i had about half of what i got in november.

yes some of it had to do with the elections. the days before the elections and the day after were the biggest spikes of the month, but lots of you hung in there with me.

thank you!

and now youre hanging in there with meas i hype my book and i appreciate your patience, and out of that appreciation i will make a deal with you.

we have sold 41 copies of how to blog.

the goal is 100.

i sold 100 of the original Blook two years ago, way before i had all the traffic that i have now.

i dont think it’s wrong to expect at least that sort of sell-thru now. do you?

first of all this blook actually looks like a book and not a college reader. secondly the writing in this collection is so much better. sheesh.

thirdly, you get the entire trip into hell with kurdt kobain. thats pretty much the price of the book alone, if you ask me. simply for the fact that nobody else went to hell with a famous grunge star And blogged about it FROM hell itself.

not even our pal the instapundit did that.

now heres the deal, once the 100th book is sold, i will feel complete and i wont hype it any more. sure, maybe i will still have the ad for it in the left hand side but no more hard sell, like this, if you call this a hard sell.

one more thing. people have been writing me, pleading that i work out some way that i can provide autographed copies. if you desperately need an autographed copy and you refuse to get a book unless it has my signature… fine.

email me at busblog at gmail and i will write you back with the terms. count on paying something like twenty five bucks plus shipping. and i will do my best to get it to your recipiant by christmas, but i suck at mailing things.

ok are we cool?

hope so.

once again the point of all of this was to thank you for your support all year.

like jay z said, you could be anywhere in the world and youre here, and i appreciate that.

and out of that appreciation i put together a book so you can read it on the john.

which i have recently found out, this book is Perfect for.

so perfect.

goldberg + sutter + sk smiff

only band worth shit

outside of tsar is the used and i didnt see them on the phoney coachella list which is why i never mentioned it.

ive been on vacation since last wednesday and last night i didnt go to bed until 7am which is what happens sometimes on school nights, which is why it was nice when it happened on a vaction night, but now my clock is outta wack.

you dont care.

i also fucked up and watched Lost in the dark tonight with only the crackly fireplace to freak me out even more. popping and shooting embers across the bearskin rug.

what a great show.

i saw that guy on a scene and i was all, is that art mann? but then i just sorta blew it off.

now im creeped out and its almost 330am.

this work thing is a grind, kids. avoid it at all costs. maybe that one kid was right.

just fall in love in college and get married and just kiss for the rest of your life. dont get jobs.

jobs’ll just ruin you. they’ll crush your dreams. they’ll make you forget who you really are.

my belly aches.

damn icing i keep spooning right out of the can.

damn apple juice i keep sucking out of the bottle.

ive changed my mind about not running for president. i figured out a way i can singlehandedly win the election for myself or hillary clinton in four years.

i will give it to hillary if she taps me with a magic wand and declares that i dont have to work any more.

so heres the secret, hil.

run on the platform that you will give 50 year prison terms to people who write and send out spyware, viruses, and pop up ads.

if blahblahblah says, but sen clinton, what about health care?

all she has to say is i will give 50 year prison terms to people who write and send out spyware, viruses, and pop up ads.


i will give 50 year prison terms to people who write and send out spyware, viruses, and pop up ads.

and spammers get hung.

like in olden times.

my girl’d win in a landslide.

monique + wil wheaton + zulieka + ironmouth