for the first time in a long time

i was so busy + hungover that i only updated my blog once. im not apologizing, im just sayin.

all day i was busy. all fucking day. here it is one a.m. and im still busy. i still have work to do.

the producer of the screen savers said some very nice things about my book and she said how happy she was that im going to be a guest on the show on monday and i noticed how at first i really took her praise to heart for a good two seconds before i was all, she says that to all the girls, quit being so happy and proud n shit.

and right when i thought that she was like has anyone called you about car service. would you like transportation to our studio?

and it’s true, i dont have a car. and i have heard of shows providing either a limo or a town car or something along those lines to interviews. first of all to make sure that they get there on time but mostly to treat them as proper guests should be treated.

plus this is la and at any given stoplight a limo is rarely the most impressive vehicle and barely noticed at all.

the whole time i planned on taking the bus.

this is the busblog after all.

and i struggled with the idea, once again, of selling out.

what am i doing by taking a limo to a tv show? must. keep. it. real.

what would fugazi do

then we got distracted by all the legalities that i never realized must be cleared: the trademarked name on the tshirt that i proposed to wear, the cover of my book, etc. they must all have written permission from the right people.

once that was figured out i told the producer, you know what, fine, send a car over, it’ll make for funny pictures on the blog.

i know im supposed to be like how they want football players to be like, “dont get all crazy in the end zone when you make a touchdown, act like youve been there before,”

but i havent been there before. in fact how many non-political bloggers who were not journalists or actors or tech heads ended up on tv to hype their book about blogging? if i am indeed to keep it real, it’s ok to really laugh when a limo drives up my hill and picks my dumbass up. and yes i must take pictures and post them on my dumbass blog.

as well as pictures of the studio and the hair and makeup rooms and, well, everything.

doesnt being a blogger mean that you are afforded the right to be a picturetaking im-so-blogging-this-when-i-get-home nerd and therefore allowed to nerd out all over everyone?

i think it does.

and they said i could mention one site and it will be flagrant disregards and if she takes down her site out of shyness or flagrantness too bad cuz i have it all mirrored and we took a screen shot of it today anyway. so there.

and today i thought about my old boss who was a drunk and fired me at sears a week before i was to go to hawaii with jeanine (a firing that truly helped me get on with my life, one that ironically landed me a job of training his salespeople with a multibillion dollar electronics giant who would give me a company car, etc)

he said this of hangovers

when you dont have a hangover, as the day goes on you only feel worse,

but when you have a hangover as the day goes on you only feel better and better

and i deserved to be fired from sears because i would usually earn my $100 commission before lunch, go fishing on santa barbara pier, and call into work and ask if i could take the rest of the day off since id already earned all that i needed and the fish were really biting.

one day they said i could have all the rest of the days off.

on that day i caught a starfish.

tonight i drank wine with basart + welch + and emmanuelle