hi again little kid traumatized by the earthquake

and subsequent flood.

hi tony pierce.

why the long face pallie?

they keep saying that this is my papa but im not so sure.

wait, you were reunited?

thats what they tell me.

how did you parents find you?

the man who keeps kissing my cheeks says that my alleged uncle found me through a picture on the internet.

no shit.

yeah, the curse of the busblog.

dude, thats awesome, do you know how much shit i got for interviewing you yesterday?

yes, i saw the comments. do your readers have no sense of humor?

they do. this tsunami tscared the tshit outta them i think.

well now im pissed at you cuz i dont know this fat slob and he doesnt have any pictures of me and he doesnt know where my mommy is. i just want to go back to my bed and watch more tv.

dude, i totally understand.

but lets go back to what one of the guys said about you.

oh, lets not.

lets. ahem “i think it’s interesting that suddenly we’re the ones without a sense of humour and only o’mcsomething ‘gets it’. maybe you do need more readers like him in ’05 so no one would ever dare think you’re capable of being unfunny and lame once in a blue moon.

“keep on keeping on, tony. i guess if we can’t do anything about the earthquake, you might as well parlay it into a plug for yourself. hell you’ve already asked the busblog readers to buy you an ipod, donate to the tonypierce vehicle fund, buy your book, watch your tv appearance AND its rerun. fuck relief.”

is there a question there, little boy?

yes, would you care to comment, mr pierce?

not really cuz me and darling maggot are cool now. but if you insist, yes it’s true that i ask a lot from my readers. i ask them to flow me their hard earned cash from time to time, i invite them to watch me on tv, and i even alert them about my reruns. yes.

youre a pig.

please dont interrupt cute kid. so yes, i ask a lot from my readers. i also ask them to put up with my spelling, my grammar, boldface lies, pics of anorexic models and hip hop stars, stories for boys, endless photo essays, glowing tsar reviews, boring reminicings, bible stories, rants against the president, sports tales, lists lists lists, interviews with inanimate objects, as well as interviews with little kids and celebs that i have never met.

again, piggish.

im still not done. in return for putting up with me and my failures, i give them the best fucking blog in the world. daily. free. and a killer website. and insight from a higher place.


shuttup. and i turn them on to hot chicks from around the world. and great links to killer sites and funny pictures and tips on blogging and living and sexxing and voting and commenting.

unasked for advice, that is.

how do you say shut the hell up in thai?

hoop bak, yet mae

hoop bak, then. so yes, i ask a lot, they get a lot, and some of the good shit that they get is cuz i am not afraid to go down the road less traveled. and i promise them that we’re gonna go down even less traveled paths next year so they need to decide if they want to get on the bus or get run over cuz this mofo does not have a reverse gear. it has a gas pedal, a leaky nitrous tank, and a broken emergency brake.

are you finished?

for a kid who coulda gotten lost in the flood, you sure have a lot of attitude.

dude, i dont even know this dude and it’s all your fault. i bet i get sold to some creepy circus.

if you do drop me an email and i’ll tell people where they can watch you perform.

i hate you tony.

i love you too.

the 110 is flooded in LA + wil wheaton + bettie girl + secret exploits

the life aquatic

directed by Wes Anderson

starring Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, Anjelica Huston, Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe, Seu Jorge, and Bud Cort as Bill Ubell

the problem with being the writer/director of Rushmore is your work will always be compared to Rushmore.

The Life Aquatic is a perfectly good movie if you forget everything about any of Mr. Anderson’s other movies. If you cant forget about his other films this one will seem somewhat dull and tame, which is why it’s getting mixed reviews.

Bill Murray plays a deadpan character like he played in the award-winning Life in Translation. Nothing will make this man excited. Everything is met with a line of unblinking sarcasm.

Because of this Jeff Goldblum and Willem Dafoe come across damn-near comedic.

The brilliance of this film, and there are bouts of brilliance, is in the art direction. This is one of the few examples of a movie without huge explosions or special effects that is worth watching on a big screen.

Stefano Maria Ortolani, you made my $11 worthwhile.

He and the brazillian man (Seu Jorge) who sang all those david bowie songs in portugese on an acoustic guitar.

Once again the Wes Anderson soundtrack is brilliant. Second only to Cameron Crowe. Kudos to devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh.

The villan of the show was Mr. Owen Wilson, who for some reason thought he needed to affect a southern-gentleman accent. but then half the time forgets that he is supposed to have an accent. not only is it distracting but his “acting” skillz are terribly questionable in this role. but he does fit the johnny bravo suit which is apparently the only prerequisite these days.

out of four stars, because i cant shake Rushmore out of my head, i give The Life Aquatic two and a half stars even though its better than half the crap that you’ll see out there. even though thats no way to judge things.

next time lets hope that Wes can get a real love story going cuz without one he doesnt have much happening.

tiffany + splink realty + ashley