highlights from august 2004

on the busblog

8/1 what the busblog would look like if i was a real blogger

8/2 kissing while on a skateboard

8/2 how i spent my summer vacation by kristin pony

8/3 danielle in front of her rolls

8/3 6. FAVORITE SMELL? tie: pot at concerts, incense in church

8/4 the day danielle got stung by a bee (photo essay)

8/5 kate sullivan writes about the loduca trade

8/6 the night i met steph and lola

8/7review of outfoxxed

8/9 all-night summer drink session with blair and welch

8/9 the day danielle went jogging in an area that said beware west nile virus.

and then she got the flu.

8/10 i admit, i dated a cuban girl for uno momento,

8/10 jim gilliam performs the first quicktime fisking.

mr. bill o’reilly is the not-so-innocent victim

8/11 the day i got my ipod (photo essay)

8/11 even more answering machine messages from my very own answering machine

8/12 trying to get beastie boys tickets

8/14 the night i was given love potion

8/15 fcc chairman michael powell receives a drunken comment on his blog. he never blogs again.

8/15 norah jones was on and i wanted to ask her if it was on because she thought it was sexy or because it is sexy or because she thought i might think it was sexy but i was afraid our impromptu debate would ruin the mood so i bit her lip and asked her if she had any coltrane.

8/16 favorite thing to do on the weekends: think about writing

favorite soundtrack: urg: a music war

what was the first thing you thought to yourself when you woke up this morning: god im lucky.

8/16 danielle has lunch at my house

8/16 today is charles bukowski’s birthday. my hero. the greatest writer of all time. the reason for everything.

tonight i write to you from hollywood california, where the king of the world once lived. lived for a long time. drank mostly but lived a lot too.

bukowski, savior to the underclass, defender of the forgotten. hope to the ugly and the scarred and the uncool and the sick.

proof that poetry can come from everywhere, even the drunkard in the corner with the bag around his bottle.

8/17 im always amazed by the ignorance and cowardice of the anonymous commentors. i know there are people who lurk out there. i even know that some of them are quite famous and powerful.

some of my friends know these people and they ask me occasionally if i know how badass i am to have these people as readers, but im not impressed.

8/18 when danielle cant find me at my desk she will call my cell phone, when i dont pick that up she calls me in Chopper One, something ive asked her not to do as, well, we’re fighting crime. thats what we do.

some of us work for a living, ive been known to tell her.

some of us dont sit on a stool selling flowers to cheating husbands and begging wanna-be boyfriends.

8/18 on days like these that just speed by, when the bad guys just lay on the curb waiting to die, as blood drains between the grates in the sewers and the little kids cry

i sit on the bumper of the undercover smoking the remains of a marlboro 100 and i wonder when mi vida loca will be over and not so loca.

8/18 ll cool j photo essay

8/19 hungover for the first time all year.

8/20 karisa and i drink at a rooftop pool with all of la’s coolest

8/20 danielles last day in america

8/21 matthews vs malkin

8/21 weekend wrapup

8/22 hi vacation

hi tony, what are you going to do with me?

im not gonna go to work thats for damn sure.

8/23 the day we found out that one of the presidents medals was unearned

8/23 juilette lewis and the licks

8/23 blogger turns 5

8/25 sunset junction street fair 53-page photo essay

8/25 john kerry meets jon stewart

8/27 46 page wordless photo essay

8/29 i start writing how to blog

8/30 john mccain was hot tonight at the rnc convention

8/30 instapundit has 35 posts, mentions bush six times but never once brings up the fact that today was the day that the president admitted that this war in iraq was unwinable

virginia + fat free milk + sk smith

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