“i bet i dont get into rad school”

tommy burrowed himself into

the weird nightmare

oblivious to pipes being banged as warnings

deaf to the shouts of encouragements

equipped only with a cassette copy of motely crue’s

too fast for love,

a loosely rolled collection of

mexican shake humbolt green sticky nice

and twigs

and a daypack filled with dozens of soft and melting

milky way dark candy bars

a chinese tune ching chung chwanged in his head

and then crazy drums

and he swore he could hear his mother calling out to him

as he made stoney love to his fiancee

while a muted tenor blew

and cherry blossoms floated



upon his sweaty white pimpley scratched back.

her name was elisa and she was sixteen


six Teen. Jeeze!

6 + teen

i am sixteen

she screamed

i screamed

he had other things to do with his time

like nothing

so he did it.


brevity my ass the colon argued

i dont care how nice you thought those two plops wound up

how strong and straight and clean and perfect

they became and are

and wont be.

we still have something that needs to come out

inside me.

and elisa said what is it

tommy took out a melted bar of candy

and rubbed it all over himself

and then another

and then one more

he walked over to a hive where the hornets lived

looked at elisa and kicked the hive

and then kicked it again

it fell

some pissed hornets flew out

and then just like at a jewish wedding tommy stepped

right ontop of that hive and squooshed it flatlike

sometimes in weird nightmares the shadow just wants to

chase not catch you

the dark wants to scare not kill you

evil wants to play not eat you

and girls want to sex not love you

she was sixteen with the finest blonde hair

and perfect lips

sixteen going on


and that fine hair was so light that when

it fell over her eyes

you could see her close

and then

open them

butterscotch windshade palms on my shoulderblades

airconditioned tv room downstairs its nearly noon

dancing like an imbecile, huffing like a dirty muffler

dressed up like a roman disco

laughing like a broken hiccup

this guy hates me + so does this guy + she loves me

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