i dont like award shows.

i hate the grammys the most, then the emmys, and then the oscars.

mtv awards bother me cuz those people should know better, but they dont.

so today the Oscar nominations were announced and there are two glaring ommisions as far as big awards go

Fahrenheit 9/11 and Passion of the Christ didnt get any big award nominations.

wtf is that all about?

did they not break enough records? did they not cause enough controversy? did they not make people think enough?

could it because they didnt cast Leo DiCaprio?

Titanic was a historical blockbuster that set records in boxoffice sales where its big star dies in the end, and Titanic got plenty of Oscar noms, why not Passion?

Isnt the story of how Mel Gibson put the money into it himself enough to get some love from Hollywood? Especially after it was so loved by the entire freaking world?

apparently not.

same goes for Michael Moore, who made the most-talked about documentary of all time. doesnt he get any props from the academy for delivering the top grossing doc ever? a film so huge that it changed the way people think of documentaries gets no respect from an industry that has never had much press about any documentary until Moore showed up a few years ago.

i thought hollywood was liberal.

i guess the instapundits were wrong about that too.

so yes, im disappointed in the award show that often disappoints more than it gets it right.

in my book if your job is to acknowledge films, directors, and actors that went above and beyond in the previous year theres no way that you have no room in the inn for the biggest r-rated film ever or the biggest doc ever?

meanwhile Shark Tale has a shot at best animated film.

nice job, dipshits.

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