when wilco singer jeff tweedy

told the coachella crowd how nice it was to be there, i raised my churro in agreement.

we pretty much all raised our churros in agreement.

its soft in a good way, this the desert festival which yesterday featured the return of bauhaus, one of the first shows by weezer in years and the only southern california appearence in allah knows when, americas sweethearts wilco, two turntables and a xylophone of the chemical brothers, silverlakes own rilo kiley and the hottest ticket from this years sxsw spoon,

among others

like coldplay who are soft in a bad way.

we didnt stay for them, we showed up like dodger fans, ridiculously late, and left selfishly early.

but while we were there we were able to experience a peaceful easy feeling without feeling like we just acted like yuppies,

which is tough to do when you lay out $85 a ticket to hang out at the polo fields outside palm springs with a bunch of people who will probably give coldplay a big hand.

but the secret beauty of this festival isnt its diversity, which is incredible, dont get me wrong,

its best secret is its comfort.

lush green grass, friendly staff, lots of room, good sound, good visuals including trippy light everywhere including on palm trees and shooting out into the nightsky, not too many people, and a well organized parking lot made the journey arrival and show a totally fun time.

and i did appreciate the vip hideaway so thank you good people of goldenvoice for stoking me.

wilcos gentle altcountryindie vibe was perfect as the sun was setting

everything was perfect.

sometimes the desert can get so hot that 90 degrees can seem mild so the breezy 85 high was a delight

but i might be the wrong person to ask, i had just gotten my tax refund sent to me and there were no lines at the vip tent bar

and i wasnt driving us home.

weezer took the stage just as the darkness eveloped the sky.

rivers too remarked a few times at how beautiful the night was, he introduced his band shyly ending with

…and my name is rivers. we are weezer.

understatements by rockstars at huge festivals are not normal so i raised my salty doughy pretzel to the bespectacled genius who shredded his leads all night.

as we sped west on the 10 through the night we giggled missing out on all the traffic soon to follow us in our wake and i made sure that my date for the evening knew how grateful i was to her for allowing us to take a pass on coldplay by treating her to an iced coffee at starbucks in palm desert and a sundae at mcdonalds in los feliz

next year i will for sure rent a hotel in palm springs or if im terribly adventurous, a tent and camp out like the kool kids.

next year i will probably not buy a ticket for my date for the day from a toothless dude standing by the road at a slight discount because if the ticket had been a fake we would have been out some healthy change

next year i will also probably stay away from the pound cake handed to me by the all too generous hippie girl because had i not eaten it i probably would have gotten up a little earlier than 3pm today. but the colors were amazing.

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