maybe this is happening to you

but with each day i find myself finding new things to procrastinate on. last night i procrastinating on showering and i didnt shower till midnight. then i procrastinated getting out of the shower.

its almost like im milking every little thing to the last drop because soon im going to be back on the chaingang and all of this freedom is going to go back to someone else. thats what work is im finding. doing shit so someone else doesnt have to. i had a telephone interview the other day and the gentleman asked me my salary range and i totally copped out. its so automatic. and then i was thinking, what is the price of my freedom? and whats the value of my contribution.

at this one place im pretty sure id be a pretty valueable asset. ive done this sort of work a LOT for way bigger places under tough situations and budgets and travel and ignorance and politics and blah blah blah, id be good for them.

but who knows what Stiff might do out there. if i sold a few hundred more than how to blog i could take the whole summer off. thats pretty good for someone who really isnt an a-list blogger. for someone who cant sell blogads even at deep discounted rates.

so the question is would you pass on a perfectly good job for a good company at the right salary at a job that youre actually qualified for, and could probably kick ass at

or would you take the summer off and live life in la for three months and maybe work on a nonfiction book. maybe. but probably just wasting time. probably not writing anything. probably wasting the whole summer away on occasional bus rides to the beach and late late nights maybe working on web site crap. and possibly kissing girls. possibly ruling worlds.

now im procrastinating the hot chick baseball date by writing this. and the only reason i am writing this is so that miss canada can get her proper due before the pagent tonight on i think nbc. miss usa shouldnt even be in the finals. neither should miss japan. thats all i know.

one thing that im not procrastinating on is Stiff, the kurt kobain stories, as reported by blogebrity. i have no idea if anyone wants to read those stories again in book form, especially so soon after posting them for free on here.

but ive edited every one. i rewrote some of it, changed a few things around. basically cleaned it up. you read all the time how certain editors will rip apart a story down the the bones and rebuild it. i cant say that ive gone that far, but i took out some chunks, i analyzed every word of every line and nothing was sacred.

thats the freedom of looking at your work as a blog post, first and foremost. who the hell can get attatched to something as fleeting as a blogpost?

my mom asked me the other day if i thought that bloggers read fewer books, or if people who read blogs read fewer books, and i said that i think blogger and readers of blogs love books and love reading and love information of all sorts of sources which is why theyve gravitated so easily to this new medium.

of course it took me a half hour to say it cuz im lame.

im going to take another shower on the off chance that i get lucky tonight.

go cubs!

bloggity news is on to me + pony in the air + chase me ladies

its three fourty five in the morning

im listening to juliette lewis’s its a long road out of here which sounds like a cross between cinderella and meatloaf.


im not crazy about this record because it doesnt really capture the pure reckless abandon that juliette has live.

maybe they shoulda just done a live record as their debut.

just said fuckit.

in a few hours a korean girl is going to come over here and we’re going to have lunch and then take in the cubs dodgers game. its our first date. i think its a date.

it better be a date.

if they have fireworks im gonna kisser when its fireworking.

my computer monitor is trying to flicker off until death but if it can hang in there about a week, the replacement is on the way.

thanks to ebay i found an auction from a famous producer who for some reason is selling a lot of his old stuff.

im suprised because the producer has a record in the top fourty. i can see why he’d be auctioning off his sony 24″ computer monitor because he probably has a flat screen,

but hes selling some of his gold records and outfits and recording equipment.

makes you wonder.

the miss universe pagent is tonight. monday night. my how time flies.

im going to have to say that after much investigation im going to have to say that miss canada was the hottest chick on this gratuitus parade of photos.

i’ll put her best pic up on the next post.

meanwhile andy rooney had some good thoughts on 60 minutes that bear repeating. basically he said that yes its good to remember those brave boys who died and families that were destroyed,

but maybe its best to try to figure out how we can stop having war be a “solution” to disputes.

he said he’d be interested in a religion that believed in that too.

amen baby

and even though im unemployed im going to eat dodger dogs drink beer and have a fun date that might even include some cotton candy

if shes good

rampant intellectualism + moxie + happy birthday ryan