make believe
geffen records

nothing in here is true.

the weezer and tsar camps intersect at one couple. and one day that couple had a party and i was lucky enough to meet and jam with rivers cuomo. in the famous garage of “in the garage.” making my life complete.

we played nirvana songs.

in my 111 years of existence i have had the pleasure of meeting lots of people. as in lots and lots and lots of people.

so many that i probably dont need to meet that many more.

no offense.

and that could be one reason that i hole myself up in my many mansions.

rivers was probably the most shy person ive ever met. and yet still at a crowded party he felt safest in a small practice space jamming out with a bunch of drunk nobodies on broken equipment.

weezer is one of my all time favorite bands and yet im not sure theyve ever come out with a record that i loved immediately. very few records do i love right away.

one day i’ll digitize the radio show i did in college where i played teen spirit the day it came out and i was all yeah that was nirvana but now weve got something so cool, ladies and gentlemen, skin yard!

when the replacements came out with dont tell a soul i felt worse than when i got fired last week. thats what sort of music freak i am. i leave so much out of this blog its insane.

but one great thing about blogging is that we have the chance to change all the rules.

one of the rules is once you write a review you have to stick to it, and if you change your mind you cant change it in less than a week.

well thats a dumb rule.

when i first heard the new weezer cd i was disappointed by how slow many of the songs are, how simple the lyrics were, and how bland everything came across. and i dissed it in this very blog.

what people dont know is i continued to play it every day including today.

there are parts that still make me wince and ive completely removed beverly hills from my ipod and itunes.


now that im listening to it for what it is, instead of what i had hoped it would be, what im hearing is a very sensitive man who made a quiet record that has its moments.

its simple. its minimalistic at times. and at others you get the feeling that he might just be bearing his soul.

i play it in the shower, i play it when i walk to the bus, i played it at my doctor’s office, i played it while i walked to the beautiful party that matt and emmanuelle threw for me yesterday.

i got stung by a bee and my face contorted something awful but in the end i recovered and one hot chick drove me home and another was waiting for me

and spent the night with me.

and i was all baby i have the best cd to make out to.

which we did for about ten minutes until i passed out since i drank probably a half a bottle of rum at the party because when i actually do hang out with people i love them. i got to meet sean bonner last night, and rick bruner, noah shachtman who had just written about my hometown cops in wired, and john woo and libya and maureen and jesus and helen from e! showed up, the always entertaining luke ford was in the house, as were many others including lyt lyt rules, mickey kaus of slate, ben sullivan of the redesigned science blog, os and kim, mc brown (pictured), and the hornbillsers starring lil baby bea.

very sweet.

when i woke up at noon i put the new weezer in my boombox and i took a shower that lasted two hours.

i might leave the house today.

a wide variety of remedies for bee stings + fook the people + whitey