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umm…i think might have been misunderstood. After reading your latest posting, i feel the need to clear the air.

I did not mean to imply that I don’t read the busblog regulary. I have been reading the busblog daily for quite some time, prolly around the election. I check it daily, sometimes skipping days for wahtever reason, but certainly havent been an irregular reader. I am less actively following it recently, but nonetheless, peep it all the time. just less so lately.

Secondly, I’m not sure, but i think you might have misunderstood the reason i left the quoted comments you made about instapundass. I did not leave those to suggest that you devote more coverage to the Instapundit. I left those to point out the standard you seem to hold others but not yourself. It might have been unwarranted, or even misleading, considering the differences in blogs, but i feel that there is some relevance to my point.(please don’t castrate me for that one, i’m just trying to open up the discussion)Those comments could’ve been about anybody. It was your sicere desire to hold someone else to his best that was notable about those comments.

And thirdly, i apoligise profusely for suggesting that you change your blog or the topics of your writing. That was not my intent. I simply wanted to register my own personal dissapointment with the lack of smart political discussions by you. Not to start a fight, but simply so that you would know, on the chance that others feel the same, or that maybe it is something you think about. I wanted to ad constructive critismn, however impolite it migh have seemed, on the off chance that it would make a difference. That’s all. Especially in light of this ‘accepting advertisement’ thing, for all i knew, you might be having an internal discussion about this very issue, so I threw my thoughts out there for you to see.

Your blog can be whatever you say it’s about, but in the end, it’s all about making the world a more just and loving place. A future that is better than the present. (and a pre-emptive -Whateves- to those who might want to shit on that).

“…anyone could do that. anyone.”
but nobody does it like you tony. and you know that. Atriosdoes it all day,
npr will too on a good day. But those are all info. blabs without the inspiration.
but you were/are different.
you knew already what it took the folks who created AIR AMERICA so long to figure out.
i would like to see you exploit that more.

Shooting fish in a barrel is not what i would call it. I would call it shining the light of truth on those who would hope to cloak us in darkness.

Tony, i can look beyond the girls, and just take the writing.

I just like it better when you hold people accountable, and by extension, help us all.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.” – Nelson Mandela

– malatron

dear malatron,

im sorry. youre absolutely right. i did misunderstand you.

but i disagree with you about nobody being able to cover politics the way i could. my good pal matt welch covers politics better than i ever would be able to. he doesnt say Fuck as much as i probably would but he will throw a cocksucker in ther on you when youre not looking and blame hbo.

and when he says hes a libertarian he means it so much that he’ll actually vote for libertarians.

we’re going to the cubs game on tuesday.

anyway, i am an idiot. im sorry. i overracted.

fine, politics it is.

it wont make any difference though.

but if it can provide for fodder to put more pictures of miss universe contestants next to then fine.

charles + danielle hates it when i write about politics + flagrant

can you believe that in the middle of our miss universe two week pre show bonanza

someone would have the nerve to come up in here and say yeah i havent been through here in a long time, but can you change everything that youre doing?

apparently im not giving the instapundit enough shit.

which is true, but thats not what we do over here. im not my pundits keeper. im not interested in shooting fish in a barrel, im not ready to sell out to the lowest common denomenator of pointing fingers and saying HA youre wrong again! i know thats what gets hits. i know thats one reason why glenn is number one in some lists and number two in others and why the daily kos is one or two on those same lists.

but thats not my thing.

dont you see how its effecting our bro matt good?

why would i want to sully myself in the mudslinging and misrepresentation of a segment of the blogosphere who will seriously split hairs down to debating about whether newsweek was wrong in saying that a military investigation has revealed that there was koran abuse in a prison or that it was simply just an inside military individual who admitted to the flushing of the muslim good book

when the bigger picture is America in 2005 is in the torture business

and our tax dollars are supporting it

and our president is supporting it

and far as i can tell the right wing bloggers want to turn a blind eye to it.

and you know what, let em. fuck em. think i would hang out with any of them if we all lived on the same block? then why on earth would i pay attention to their good ole boy network of neuveux dittohead bullshit?

didnt the last election teach us that all the blogs in the world will not make an iota of difference in jesusland. didnt 2004 teach us that you could make a film as great as F 9/11 and it can make $100 mil and tell an important story in american history but there will be enough naysayers to say “shutup hippie quit being fat” and the goobers and the greedy will hold hands and bum rush the show again and again and again.

those are not the stories i want to report upon.

as joe strummer and mick jones said the other day:

They offered me the office, offered me the shop,
They said I’d better take anything they’ve got.
Do you wanna make tea at the BBC?
Do you wanna be, do you really wanna be a cop?

i really dont wanna be a cop. and a cop is someone who says oh you fucked up, look at how you fucked up, look at how wrong you are, look at where your lack of education and your bad choices have led you, heres where you went wrong. and of course this is the right way to do things.

instapundit has his thing, kos has his. they seem very happy in their world and theyre successful business men reaping hefty rewards doing what they do. i am not in the slightest bit interested in any of that.

you may see me from time to time comment on this thing or that thing but dont get used to it and certainly dont expect it.

what the busblog will continue to do is write about me, LA, the hotties, miss universe, television, the wonderful world of blogging, and rock music. the cubs are breaking my heart but they may get a few keystrokes as well.

i am sure that you can find other blogs in the blogosphere who will happilly continue to write about how wrong guys like the good professor are, and if youre not aware of them, here are a few

oliver willis + wonkette + crooks and liars

this week’s most talked about blog

Blogebrity, interviewed me!

heres an excerpt

blogebrity: for starters….you use blogger pro, and always have, to publish the busblog, right?

tonypierce: yes
tonypierce: blogger has been berry berry good to me

blogebrity: never any thoughts about moving over to a movable type or anything like that?

tonypierce: yes, thoughts, but in a few bizarre ways i try to live by example
tonypierce: and i want to show people that you dont need anything fancy to have a good blog
tonypierce: and get a fair share of attention
tonypierce: so yes ive been tempted to move over to something else, and/or get a designer, and/or get people to edit my shit
tonypierce: but i think this is best in the long run.

blogebrity: while you have started other blogs, like lickmagazine, you currently dont blog anywhere else, do you?

tonypierce: no, ive been a slacker
tonypierce: i do comment on metafilter about once a week
tonypierce: and throughout the blogosphere
tonypierce: i dont even update my secret blogs
tonypierce: i suck

blogebrity: now, as for blog-reading….do you have a blog/rss reader of choice?

tonypierce: I like the old fashioned way of having a homepage
tonypierce: but when i do use a Reader i use projectdu

blogebrity: you still have a promotional deal with them, correct?

tonypierce: yes, its a great relationship

blogebrity: sort of like jordan and nike?

tonypierce: hahaha
tonypierce: not in the slightest
tonypierce: project du has no sweatshops
tonypierce: on whose backs i make millions
tonypierce: i really dont like athletes who do things like that
tonypierce: sponsorships are ok
tonypierce: but think about who youre in bed with

read the rest here

hey england

youre about to get tsared

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Jun 15 Engine Room Brighton
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Jun 23 “Venue” Edinburgh
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