fine, some of what i write is true

Hi Tony Pierce,

I am sending you a message because I finally figured out your email address I sent one to you before but anyway I wanted to send you another message I just want you to know who I am before I start sending comments a cool thing just happened though, I was reading one of your old messages and when I refreshed the site you just put up a new message and I wanted to send a comment but you don’t know me from adam so I just want you to know who I am but its cool to know that I am in Trinidad @ work thinking about you and you are on the internet at the same time that is so cool this world is soooo small when you think about it. :O}

Anyway my name is Amelia and I am HOOKED on your blog I am so frustrated though because when I discover something I get excited about it and want to share it and today my best girlfriend came over and I kept telling her about you, I don’t have a computer at home but I stuck a picture of you in my diary( the one with the laker cap so cute) and I showed it to her and she didn’t act interested she was more interested in the other things in my diary which nobody gets to read and we went to the mall and I told her about you and I think she doesn’t believe that you are real you see we are women in our 30’s me 32 she 34 and we have been married me 7 years she 11 years we are parents me one boy she 3 boys and we have lived very sheltered lives so we are at the curious stage in our lives curious especially about sex….;O}

I read what you said about virgins marrying the first guy they sleep with I QUOTE:

theres also no future with virgins because you can’t have a long term relationship with someone who has never gotten it on with anyone else, because what happens if you do decide one day that you want to marry her, what fool is gonna marry the only dude she ever banged?

no fool of mine

– busblog 1/30/05

WELL WELL WELL I can’t show her this if I want her to like you but we are those fools my husband was my second but I was his first her husband was her first so we are a bunch of fools the thing is where were you when I was 20 and a virgin :O}

Anyway thats why I like your blog you have an opinion on EVERYTHING you don’t look old though as a matter a fact I will say you are my age but no way you could know the things you know at my age you said something to the effect that you don’t have to be inside a woman to be fulfilled you just need to use your fingers and seeing the enjoyment she gets…..also something about holding yourself until your girl is fulfilled SWOON I can’t find it again because I want to show it to my girlfriend on the screen because we know of no man who says thoses things including our husbands

* PLEASE don’t tell me this is one of the NOTHING IN HERE IS TRUE things because you will break my heart :O{

Please tell me how old a man has to be or how many women he has to sleep with before he start to think like you?

so our plan is to lose weight, start dressing sexy and educate ourselves to spice things up in our marriages we even plan to buy some toys the thing is its kinda illegal in our country and you could get into trouble for buying those things sad but true we’ll have to find a way………is this TMI?

OK the following things are to be filed into your list of things to remember on those days that you are feeling low again sorry about you job.

YOU ARE A GREAT GUY ! take it from me I work for an airline I went to college to study to be a technician spent 3 years in a class with a bunch of guys and one other female I worked as an aircraft mechanic for 5 years with men I work now with lots of men in a male dominated environment and I have NEVER met a guy like you respectful, smart, cute so ignore the critics HA ! say HA!

AMELIA D. in Trinidad thinks i’m the man the next time you feel down even though from your writings that doesnt seem to be a problem



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three years ago


the thing i hate the most in the world

is not racism, sexism, or agism.

it’s not an ism.

it’s not AIDS, getting stung by a bee,

the concept of never finding a soul mate,

or never having children,

or dying an early and unproductive life.

the thing i hate most of all is not the idea of the Cubs never winning a World Series during my lifetime,

or my dear mother marrying a cop,

world hunger, or the Catholic church.

i hate poverty, rudeness, road rage, ignorance, and The Beatles a lot,

but none of those things are the wost things i could imagine.

i hate terrorism,

and suffering and the idea of another holicaust.

i hate slavery,

diseased sex partners who keep it secret,

and the constant fear that my unsaved soul will spend eternity in the unforgiving depths of a firey and twisted hell.

the thing i hate most of all is that theres not one elected offical with the balls to take on Ticketmaster.

i am somewhat pleased, however, that Dave Marsh wrote about It today.

Tsar plays anaheim’s House of Blues in Downtown Disney 7:00pm tomorrow $10


season finale

*spoiler alert*

for some reason i was left unimpressed by the season finale of my current favorite tv drama lost

it took a long conversation with miss montreal to convince me that i was completely insane.

yes i liked the showdown on the boat which lead to my people being enslaved once again.

i liked crazy Locke wanting to slip into the mysterious hole

i liked all the crazy monster bombs whatever that was exploding and shaking my subwoofers

but for some reason it didnt suck me in emotionally or something, i dont know why. maybe im jaded. maybe i need to drink more. i dont drink very much.

you know what sucked me in today, mtv’s prom stories. it was an hour and a half of four different couples going to prom around the country. i liked all of them. i even liked their parents.

one couple was a hs senior whose dad was the sherrif of the town. nice enough guy, especially for a cop. especially for a cop whose daughter has a college frat boy taking her to prom.

very real situations. mtv found four really good stories. things worked out totally realistically. i loved it.

at e there used to be a department called Original Specials. this would have been one of the original specials but we were so concerned with celeb proms or dates with celebs or proms in the movies or something that would totally paint you into a corner.

by taking real kids and showing what its like to get a date or to get your dad to be cool with you having a date or how to get your “friend” to be more than friends at prom was totally interesting particularily because very little has changed since when i was going to prom

except for these things:

– the kids were on their cell phones constantly, either talking or texting.
– either mtv just happened to catch only the most risque dance moves or the kids are all dancing like little hos and im a million years old to even notice this
– party busses and sleepover after-parties? say what?!
– $85 for prom tickets? i remember ours being free or like $10, and it was held across the street at Medinah Country Club which was pretty classy even back when i was haunting dupage county.

i will re-screen the Lost season finale again. for some reason i wanted more. like i wanted to know something about what was in the hatch or i wanted something super crazy, different super crazy than what already happened.

maybe i wanted a scarier monster. its hard to start a season off with two crazy monsters and then really the only scary characters we got after that was the “extra” guy who beat the shit out of the doctor.

but i am glad that the druggie found some drugs cuz he sure kicked the habit mighty easilly for my liking, and now he’ll have something to do with his spare time when hes not taking care of that little demon child.

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